How Powerful is Yamato? New Vivre Card Information (UPDATED)

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August 16, 2021 7:00 PM

New Vivre Card information: – Kaido is 59 years old, 710 cm tall and born on the Grand Line. – Yamato gender is CONFIRMED to be female/woman – All 6 Tobi Roppo members possess Observation and Armament Haki #ONEPIECE

One Piece Chapter 1022

Yeah, maybe.

She is… Well, he is quite powerful, and definitely have great potential, as Kaido’s son, or daughter, or whatever.

Keep in mind that we haven’t even seen him at full-strength yet, because Yamato appears to have eaten a Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

The exact animal species is unknown as Yamato has never fully transformed yet, however, before being interrupted, Yamato’s teeth transformed into fangs when the transformation began.

Therefore, we don’t even know the limits of Yamato’s strength and overall capabilities.

Till now One Piece Chapter 1022, Yamato possesses an insane amount of raw strength resembling Kaido, being capable of wielding his large and heavy kanabo to knock out powerful foes with little to no effort. Yamato wields his giant kanabo much like Kaido, his father, and the “World’s Strongest Creature”, who possesses an unfathomable level of brute strength and has been noted for his borderline indestructible body. Coupled with Yamato’s immense strength, the kanabo can wreak tremendous damage to objects and opponents with a single hit, and with Yamato’s strength and Haki, it can be used to perform flying strikes that can even resemble energy blasts.

In addition to the kanabo being a powerful blunt weapon, Yamato has masterful technique with it, being capable of moving it to counter Luffy’s rapid attacks with little effort. Yamato is a user of Busoshoku Haki, as evidenced by them imbuing their hand and kanabo with it while preparing to attack Hatcha, resulting in a lightning-like effect.

One Piece Chapter 1022 spoilers

Yamato can use this Haki to an advanced degree, being capable of projecting it a great distance forward and hitting faraway opponents with tremendous force with a simple kanabo swing. Honestly, Yamato is an absolute beast, and yet we’ve only seen a glimpse of his overall strength.

Yamato holds immense admiration for the legendary samurai Kozuki Oden, emulating every aspect of him, including his name, appearance, goals, and even his gender, reasoning that, since Oden was a man, then it was also necessary to become a man. Which is why I said “Kaido’s son”, or “he”, “him”, “his” in my answer.

Now Let’s see how Powerful is Yamato before the next One Piece Chapter 1022 comes out.

Yamato has eaten the Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that empowers change into a heavenly wolf, just as a half breed between a human and that creature. As indicated by Kaido, this monster is a “Watchman Deity of Wano Country”. Yamato ate this organic product absolutely out of craving in spite of the reality it was not implied for them.

As a Zoan, this organic product extraordinarily supports Yamato’s actual capacities. Yamato had the option to conflict close equally against their dad, Kaido, an Emperor of the Sea, while the last has expected his incredibly amazing human-winged serpent form. Furthermore, being a flesh eating creature, this creature change awards Yamato increased ruthless impulses, just as outfitting them with teeth and paws that are appropriate for battle.

Being a Mythical Zoan, this organic products offers exceptional forces that an ordinary wolf doesn’t have. Yamato is capable delivery an incredible impact of fire/ice (muddled which one) from their mouth that can conflict equally with and offset Kaido’s fire breath impact.

This is what Oda tried to do with Yamato. Oda who is known for his goated references his doing his thing again. Yamato's "i chose to he a male" and Kaido calling her a son has a deeper meaning to it but unfortunately some fangirls failed to comprehend it.

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Yamato is an exceptionally talented client of Busoshoku Haki, as displayed having instilled their hand and kanabo with it while getting ready to assault Hatcha, bringing about a lightning-like impact. Yamato can utilize Busoshoku Haki to a postgraduate education, being fit for projecting it a huge span forward and hitting distant adversaries with huge power with a basic kanabo swing. Yamato can likewise utilize it to hurt Logia clients, having conflicted against Ace’s fire when they originally battled and figured out how to effectively harm him.



Yamato employs a monster kanabo club similar as Kaido, yet studded and more thin, while Kaido’s is spiked and a bit thicker. Combined with Yamato’s massive strength, the kanabo can unleash enormous harm to items and adversaries with a solitary hit,and with Yamato’s solidarity and Haki, it tends to be utilized to perform flying strikes that can even look like energy impacts. Notwithstanding the kanabo being an incredible obtuse weapon, Yamato has stunning procedure with it, being fit for moving it to counter Luffy’s fast assaults with little exertion.

New Vivre Card information:

– Kaido is 59 years old, 710 cm tall and born on the Grand Line.

– Yamato gender is CONFIRMED to be female/woman

– All 6 Tobi Roppo members possess Observation and Armament Haki #ONEPIECE

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Raimei Hakke (雷鳴八卦 Raimei Hakke?, in a real sense signifying “Thunderbolt Eight Trigrams”): A method utilized by Kaido and imitated by Yamato, in which the client lurches forward at their objective with blinding rate and swings their kanabo evenly, hitting the objective with enormous power. The assault was first seen utilized against Ulti in her full-monster change, taking her out right away. It is called Thunder Bagua in the VIZ interpretation. Notwithstanding, while Kaido utilizes just one hand to swing his kanabo, Yamato swings it with two hands all things being equal. Ulti derisively calls this Raimei Yonke (雷鳴四卦? in a real sense signifying “Thunderbolt Four Trigrams;” Viz: “Goof Bagua”) all things considered, however hacks blood simultaneously.

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