Finally Netflix Adds the Complete Demon Slayer Series For Streaming

The popular anime series Demon Slayer is a worldwide phenomenon, and it's spawned a wildly successful'movie' as well. Now, it's finally coming to Netflix.

Mary Ham
May 2, 2023 3:08 PM

If you want to watch the entire Demon Slayer series for free, you'll need a subscription to Netflix. The streaming service is home to thousands of anime titles, and it's ad-free. Sign up for a free account to stream ad-supported content, or upgrade to an $8 ad-free subscription if you're looking to watch Demon Slayer episodes in HD.

You can watch Demon Slayer on Netflix from April 9 to May 25 by using your computer or streaming device with a Netflix account. You can also find it on Netflix's mobile apps, Amazon's app store, Apple's app store, Google Play, and Samsung TV, among other devices.

How can I watch the Demon Slayer season 3?

The third season of Demon Slayer, which is set to debut on Crunchyroll this April, focuses on the Swordsmith Village story arc. If you're not familiar with the series, here's a quick rundown:

Tanjiro's sword is wrecked and he needs Hotaru Haganezuka to fix it. But new demons are on the prowl, and enemies are always ready to attack. He's also got new teammates including Love and Mist Hashira, along with upper-ranked demons like Daki and Gyutaro to battle.

There's a lot to look forward to in the third season of Demon Slayer, and it looks like it'll be a great ride. The first episode of the season has already screened at a theatrical event, and fans have responded positively to the first episode's action-packed battles and emotional arcs.

In addition to that, the season will feature a return of fan favorites such as Taaki Sakurai (Ansatsu Kousoku), Reina Ueda (Tsuguko Kanao), and Toshihiko Seki (Muzan Kibutsuji). There'll also be an appearance by Giyu Tomioka, a top-ranked Demon Killing Corps swordsman.

But before all that, the first episode of Demon Slayer season three will hit theaters on February 18. It's called "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - To the Swordsmith Village World Tour." You can see it in theatres on February 18 and at select locations across the United States and Canada on March 3.

If you're outside of those countries, you'll have to sign up for a Netflix account to watch the Demon Slayer season 3 premiere. The company is also adding a few more anime titles, so you should be able to find something you'll enjoy in the coming months.

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