Dr Stone Chapter 232 Ending: Time Skip, Heroes Get Happy Ending.

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March 3, 2022 6:00 PM

Beforehand in the previous Chapter 231 we saw the three heroes, from Kingdom in Science, SenkuIshigami, Kohaku, and Stanley Snyderland were on the moon looking for reality behind worldwide petrification. Senku, Stanley, and Kohaku need to inquire as to Why-man the secret behind the petrification that occurred more than 3,000 years prior, this add up in the Dr Stone Chapter 232 Ending.

Dr Stone Chapter 232 Ending

The exchange with the Why-Man was the main piece of the story that closes shockingly and presently the space travelers start their excursion back to Earth in Dr Stone Chapter 232 Ending. The last chapter, named 'A Future to Get Excited About' delivered with vivid work of art showing Senki and Why-man's arrangements alongside Medusas.https://www.reddit.com/r/DrStone/comments/t4xhzx/dr_stone_has_officially_ended_with_chapter_232_in/

Dr Stone Chapter 232 Ending

The chapter starts with Senku and Why-man in the exchange room with Medusas. They talk regarding the exchanges. Senku examines how Medusa is drifting and moving unreservedly. The Medusa most likely utilized its X-beam vision to see the skeleton construction of Senku, as it revises itself looking like a human skull.https://twitter.com/LordNighto/status/1499453273790631938?t=A_ompSaaAI3PSXaaxU3tYw&s=19

Senku Explains About Medusa

Senku explains Why-man how Medusa is restricting low gravity. Why-Man answers that because of the lacks of language, they are delivering more Medusa gadget. They will forsake Earth and will leave for one more planet with the petrification strategy with them.https://twitter.com/enrxkess7/status/1499482292212928515?t=4JMsitQVxRdWd6t3LBb3QQ&s=19Toward the Dr Stone Chapter 232 Ending, Why-Man chose to leave. The legends will bid farewell to the moon and Why-Man and will begin their excursion in Dr. Stone Chapter 232.

Dr Stone Chapter 232 Release Date

The Japanese manga Dr. Stone will arrive at its peak one week from now on March 7 with Chapter 232. Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine declared it authoritatively on Monday, February 28 during the thirteenth 2022 issue of the magazine.https://twitter.com/sweetsenku/status/1499567275917012996?t=4q1wRnEl3C_q7uZ5Iz42EA&s=19Dr. Stone Chapter 231 was authoritatively delivered in February 27. Right after late reports Chapter 232 will be the series' last section.

About Dr Stone

Riichiro Inagaki-composed Japanese manga Dr. Stone has been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 2017, with its parts gathered in 23 tankōbon volumes as of November 2021. The manga is finishing following five years. It got positive surveys and became well known worldwide for its storyline.Since its start, Dr. Stone has proceeded to sell north of 10 million duplicates worldwide and has additionally won the renowned Shogakukan Manga Award, which praises probably the best manga in Japan

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