Dr Stone Chapter 229 Spoilers: The Mystery of Petrification, Humaniy Revealed!

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February 12, 2022 6:00 PM

As the manga proceeds, fans in Dr Stone Chapter 228 may find out about the baffling Why-Man. It may even uncover its set of experiences and give a flashback to its beginnings. The next Dr Stone Chapter 229 Spoilers further explain the matter.

Dr Stone Chapter 229 Spoilers

Dr Stone Chapter 229 Spoilers Discussion

https://mangahelpers.com/forum/threads/dr-stone-chapter-229-spoilers-discussion.3022165/Raws are out


https://manatoki121.net/comic/11280369I suppose this comes down to confusion regarding human life? As in, immortality while petrified is pointless. And the way senku is approaching this is still essentially that of a hostage. In any case, the manga feels about over at this point. it's fairly clear the medusas are not malicious given this and the previous chapter. There should be plenty of ground for the machine lifeforms to switch from a parasitic to symbiotic relationship with humanity. Also a few points:1.- How did medusa get to the moon? They still don't feel like a human construct.2.- Going from point 1, medusas appear to have mastered space travel. Though they are machines so perhaps their space travel still takes thousands/millions of years and they don't care because machines experience time/life differently.3.- If the relationship turns symbiotic then humanity has official become a spacefaring species. Humanity provides diamonds, the machine lifeforms provide petrification. I assume they have other neat functions as well, like depetrification.https://twitter.com/shonenjump/status/1492879748913143814?s=20&t=O7oJcynX-50TjKY8iP3OTgSo humanity can as of now just build capsules and torpedo people across the cosmos. Welp, there's a few extra issues to consider but petrification does address many of the inherent issues with space travel, to the point where it made the moon landing possible. You still need the technology to safely send statues which can definitely be improved upon what xeno just made.This might be made incredibly easy depending on how the machine lifeforms travel though. In any case the solar system is within reach for humanity now. The petrification also addresses another issue: health of travelers.Being in space exposes humans to absurd amounts of radiation. Petrification would presumably deal with the drawbacks from that.An ending where humanity achieves immortality would be EXTREMELY awesome, I'd honestly be impressed. Like from a morality stand point it might seem a bit off (The whole cheating death aspect), but man, that would be an ending for the ages.I'd be all for it personally.https://twitter.com/fernandlxs17/status/1492885190498213903?s=20&t=a21Lz2Cw-TAqnzlsVuDn6w

Dr Stone Chapter 229 Spoilers

The Dr Stone Chapter 229 Spoilers would throw light on many things, and they are out-Source:https://mangahelpers.com/forum/threads/dr-stone-chapter-229-spoilers-discussion.3022165/Translation:-Why swallows? →The lucky creatures we've handpicked-Why are only swallows petrified? →They are petrified by shifting the phase of their DNA, so only the target can visualize the petrification rays.-They've analyzed the petrified swallows and determined that they're the most intelligent people on the planet, so they've petrified the human race.-The idea is that if he keeps his brain running at full speed, he will be able to release the petrification, and he will be unable to resist the bait that he will be able to live forever, and he will be able to nurture Whyman.-There is a possibility that it can be unlocked in other ways as well.-Why did Medusa rain down on Treasure Island? →The minuscule radio waves she was generating when she was polishing the ore were amplified by her headdress.-They thought there was a resurrected person and poured down.-The radio waves emitted by Whyman were heard by the headdress, and the child who picked it up activated Medusa.-The residents went into a battle for the Medusa.-After Chisora woke up)-Back when you built the GPS, why would you want to live forever if you're sending out so many radio waves?-Whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy

Dr Stone Chapter 229 Raw Scans

The raw scans of the chapter would be out in 2-3 days, prior to the release of the chapter.

Source: https://mangahelpers.com/forum/threads/dr-stone-chapter-229-spoilers-discussion.3022165/

Dr Stone Chapter 228 Recap

A significant disclosure comes in Dr Stone Chapter 228. Senku, at last, discovered who Why-Man is, and it's not what he anticipated.As the manga proceeds, fans in Dr Stone Chapter 228 may find out about the baffling Why-Man. It may even uncover its set of experiences and give a flashback to its beginnings.Senku and his science group have at long last satisfied their desire to arrive at the moon. That implies fans will before long realize who and what Why-Mean truly is.An unavoidable issue remains regarding how Senku realizes who Why-Man is toward the finish of the last section. Furthermore, what mystery will readers find out with regards to him next?https://twitter.com/luxsouls/status/1489224941744664578?s=20&t=SwZrGCwVBm0tw9PZLzOLmgThe way things are, Dr Stone Chapter 228 at long last uncovering the main character of Why-Man. There might be a flashback to his story before the enormous uncover happens.Also, it will turn out whether it is a genuine individual or computerized reasoning.The secret of the dull spot on the moon will likewise be uncovered. Finally, there are hypotheses that Why-Man is an AI introduced on a supercomputer that sudden spikes in sunlight-based power demand.Since the series showed that the banner Neil Armstrong planted on the moon in 1969 is as yet flawless, a cutting edge gadget could keep going that long in space. Moreover, Senku can genuinely utilize the Grenade Net Launcher since the Medusa is no more.Meanwhile, in Dr In Stone Chapter 227, Senku, Kohaku, and Stanley have at last made their first strides on the moon to defy Why-Man. However, Stanley was worried that the primary weapons on Earth were explosive launchers.Senku contemplated their excursion when they at long last arrived on the moon. He then, at that point, went directly to the dark spot they spotted on satellite pictures of the moon.They had carried the Medusa gadget to utilize when required. It was housed in a vacuum tube with an amplifier appended.https://twitter.com/171Brake/status/1487862848520966146?s=20&t=SwZrGCwVBm0tw9PZLzOLmgAfterwards, Kohaku was requested to open the vacuum tube. Nonetheless, she was shocked to see an alternate and respectful Senku, so she joyfully opened the seal.It was then uncovered that Why-Man was copying Senku's vocal recurrence to freeze the gathering. Senku strolled in and prevented Kohaku from enacting the gadget.

Dr Stone Chapter 229 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap and Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 229 Release Date

The followers are astonished by this succession that after the debut of the previous Chapter, they need to know when the resulting Chapter, which is Dr Stone Chapter 229, is a day for kickoff. When is the ensuing Chapter, Chapter 229, jumping out? The Dr Stone Chapter 229 day for kickoff is expected to be on February 13, 2022.

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