Chainsaw Man - The Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse

The first is the Control Devil, known as Yoru. She enters into a contract with Denji and promises him love. Her power is based on the fear of domination and control.

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July 10, 2023 1:25 PM

The Four Horsemen are powerful devils that remember the names of the devils eaten by Chainsaw Man. Each harbors a personal motivation to kill or use him.

Control Devil

The first of the Four Horsemen to appear, the Control Devil is a frighteningly powerful Devil with incredible strength and cunning. She can manipulate any entity that she considers inferior to herself and even erase their memory if necessary. She is the offspring of humanity’s oldest fears and as such, is feared by both humans and Fiends alike.

Her first encounter with Denji was quite misleading as she appears gentle, caring, and friendly through their first interactions. However, her facade is far from the truth as she is a cold and manipulative individual with a very twisted view of the world.

She is capable of creating flesh weapons for those who “belong” to her including a spinal cord sword. She has also shown the ability to turn non-living objects into weaponized versions of themselves such as pencil spears and ruler swords. She is the leader of the group and possesses an insatiable desire for power.

War Devil

While the Control Devil is the strongest of the Horsemen, the War Devil is actually their leader. She resides in the body of Asa Mitaka, who she and the Weapons Devil both contracted with moments before their death in hell. The War Devil has the ability to create deadly weapons from human flesh, though she needs to touch the target and say its name in order to do so.

Her powers also allow her to sense guilt, which makes it easier for her to turn remorseful victims into flesh weapons. Her sly nature makes her a formidable opponent, as she knows exactly what Denji is thinking and is not afraid to call him out on his lies.

Like Makima before her, the War Devil is an extreme fan of Chainsaw Man. As such, she is seeking the hybrid in order to force him to vomit up the Nuclear Weapons Devil and return this fear to humanity.

Hunger Devil

The last of the Four Horsemen to make an appearance in CSM, the Hunger Devil represents the primal fear of death. Much like the War Devil, she is a powerful devil and is part of the Horsemen by association. She has the ability to turn anything that belongs to her into weapons, ranging from living creatures to non-living objects like pencil spears and ruler swords. The more guilt she feels while turning the object or creature into a weapon, the stronger the weapon becomes.

Makima, the Control Devil, is one of the most powerful devils in the series and a member of the Four Horsemen. The only thing that can tame her is Denji and the contract that binds them together. In addition to her immense power, the lovable devil is also a little bit kinky. In a recent interview with Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto, he revealed that she owns a strap-on.

Death Devil

As the leader of the Four Horsemen, this Devil represents mankind’s oldest fear: death. Like the other members of the Horsemen, it possesses massive power and can only be erased by a being stronger than it, such as the Falling or Darkness Devils.

Makima is the first member of the Four Horsemen to make an appearance in CSM, and she shocks fans with her brutal strength. While she appears kind and compassionate, her true nature is cold and manipulative. She is able to control other devils and even humans.

She possessed Nayuta in order to achieve her goal of eradicating the other three Horsemen, and she used her power to manipulate him. This made it easy for her to convince him to keep working with Public Safety Division 4. She also has the ability to absorb human lifespans and turn them into specialized weapons. This makes her one of the most powerful and dangerous devils in the series.

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