Chainsaw Man Chapter 121 Spoilers: What’s in store for Asa and Denji?

Chainsaw Man is a popular manga series by Fujimoto Tatsuki. It has recently gained popularity due to its complex plot and exciting plot twists. The series revolves around the story of a devil hunter named Denji. He gets superhuman powers after a bargain with a devil.

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February 18, 2023 6:00 PM

Asa is now laying in her futon, and Denji is watching her take deep breaths. It’s the first time he’s seen Asa calm and relaxed since yesterday, and he wishes that she could stay this way forever.

He’s also happy that she agrees to the plan of Yoru, which is to turn Asa back into her normal self once two conditions are fulfilled: she gets ice cream every day and her memories are changed to make it look like she never turned up for the date.

Asa is confused at the idea that she must abide by this rule at any cost, but she eventually accepts it. After all, if she doesn’t see Denji regularly and change her memory, she won’t be able to get back into her normal life.

What’s Hirofumi’s plan?

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He is an avid ice cream eater and has a very sweet tooth. So, it is no surprise that the manga has featured a chapter about ice cream in recent times. This chapter was a fun one to read and I am sure it will continue in the future. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Asa and Denji in this next chapter!

How will Nayuta’s plan affect Asa and Denji?

Nayuta’s plan to alter Asa and Yoru’s memories may change everything. It’s a big question whether she will actually achieve her goal or not, but it will certainly impact their relationship.

The war between the Control Devil and Chainsaw Man has been a driving force for Asa’s character development. She initially lacked interest in devil conflicts, but when she watched her friend Yuko turn into a devil, she was inspired to help Yoru defeat the War Devil.

Her main goal is to create a weapon that will kill Chainsaw Man, but she must be able to use the War Devil’s power. To do this, she must transform something that she feels guilty about destroying into a weapon that will be powerful enough to destroy Chainsaw Man.

How will Hirofumi’s plan affect Asa and Yoru?

Yoru possesses Asa, turning her into a War Devil. It’s a scary thought for Asa, but she eventually agrees to help Yoru defeat Chainsaw Man.

Hirofumi then comes up with a plan to make Asa and Yoru’s relationship work. Her plan includes erasing all of their memories leading up to the date, and she will only do this if they let her have ice-cream everyday and don’t have intimate moments with Denji.

Then, she’ll use her Control Devil powers on Denji to make him turn back to Asa and stop getting friendly with her again. This is the first time she’s ever used her Control Devil powers on him, and it’s going to be hard for him to resist.

Asa is clumsy and has difficulty saying no, which is why she’s often against Yoru’s more violent methods. She also has a low self-esteem, which is shown when she falls down trying to save a cat and then gets injured by the Typhoon Devil.

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