One Piece: Is Oda foreshadowing a Brook vs CP0 battle to protect Robin?

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November 15, 2021 6:00 PM

CP0 has shown up at Onigashima. They're after Nico Robin. Like this, there's an unnecessary danger inside the next section; we may observe the battle between Brook vs CP0.Furthermore, inside the Enies Lobby Arc, Brook was not there throughout the fight. Anyway, can Brook alone overwhelm every one of them? I feel not. To save loads of Robin, Jinbei and Franky may likewise appear.The last One Piece Chapter 1031 further foreshadowed that a possible Brook vs CP0 is just on the cards and Brook has to go his toughest test, since WCI where he battles Big Mom.

Brook's Role

I'm calling it presently. In a Brook vs CP0 battle, which part it will be, I can't figure. However, I am 90% sure that this will be his pivotal turning point in Wano.To legitimize my hypothesis, we need to return 100's of parts to see the hinting that Oda has set into stone for the connection between Brook and Robin.What are the chances of exchanging the jobs in Wano from thrill ride bark, with Robin overcoming the insect this time without Brook's help? In the interim, Brook liberated Sanji from the spiderweb.Brook shielded Robin from an insect while she was caught in its web in thriller bark.Brook has a propensity for helping Robin when she is in an adverse circumstance. So he also did again in Wano when she was found by the Ninja's while sneaking around for data at Orochi's meal.While these two scenes appear to be moderately unimportant t the fantastic plan of this hypothesis, before the end, you will see that they hold massive importance towards showing who Brook will battle and his justification for battling.

Brook vs CP0: Is Oda foreshadowing a 1vs1 battle to protect Robin?

CP0's Target in Onigashima

The CP0's unique target for being on Onigashima was to haggle for weapons. Nonetheless, throughout the assault, I accept two additional goals were added onto their rundown: (Brook vs CP0)1.) Kill or capture Who's-Who2.) Capture Robin if the chance presents itselfI will not elucidate the main point as this isn't pertinent to the hypothesis. Nonetheless, the following picture will insinuate the chance of the CP0 becoming engaged with the fight for the benefit of the world government if the danger is negligible.As found in the image beneath, they are firmly considering killing Who's-Who. In any case, they are not ready to interpose in the battle as they are contemplating whether he can endure the fight against Jinbei. (Brook vs CP0)

CP0 talking about the battle with Jinbei and Who's-Who

Everybody on the island realizes that Sanji has asked for Robin to save him. He gave the specific area of where he is. We additionally see Mary's observing this so the data can be handed-off to the monster pirates and their partners.We likewise realize that the CP0 has a direct line of contact with a Mary, implying that they can get data quickly, similar to when Otama started to change over the gifts onto the coalition's side.

Sanji asked for Robin's assistance.

The moment Tama started her plot. The CP0 was made mindful due to having a Mary in their room.So presently to the finale of the hypothesis, the straw hats are in the end game now, they as of now have acquired two red poneglyphs and will get the third one at the finish of this circular segment, implying that they will have 3/4 pieces needed for arriving at the one piece.What's more, they have the one known individual in the OP universe that can translate that data, hence putting them on the cusp of accomplishing a definitive objective of pirates, and alternately, the greatest dread of the world government.

Grim Situation, A possible Brook vs CP0

The CP0 realizes that Robin has recently crushed Black Maria. In any case, she is depleted and can't stand.The strong pirates who are presently left standing, who can keep CP0 from catching Robin are involved in their battles right now, the same as the straw hats and the other alliance membersThe main person who is securing Robin right now is Brook, a skeleton, whom from the assessment of the world, doesn't address a genuine danger.He has NO ONE of superior strength (barring Big Mom), in this way, according to the point of view of CP0, the remaining strongest ones among them. (Brook vs CP0)The individual who can turn the world's progression over is a skeleton with afro, who likes to sing and has a toothpick for a sword.Consider Mary seeing Robin falling and Brook there to ensure her.

Additionally, understand that there presently can't seem to be an island-wide declaration of the outcomes from Robin's battle, in any case, you can be ensured that the CP0 has as of now been made mindful of the development, as they are sitting close to the primary wholesaler of the data.CP0 won't throw up this chance to catch Robin; narratively, it would have neither rhyme nor reason, dissimilar to Jinbei, what strength's identity is known and regarded, Brook isn't viewed as a danger to them. Hence no less than one of the individuals should take action.To sum up - Oda has foreshadowed this second since thriller Bark and gave us a slight update again in Wano during the feast; presently, Brook should battle his most strongest adversary yet in the series to secure his crewmate when the stakes are at the most noteworthy.

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