Boruto Universe: Which Naruto characters were completely ruined in Boruto?

Manta Ray
February 11, 2021 6:00 PM

Oh boy, this is the question I have been dying to answer and to actually get back to the Boruto Universe, who literally destroyed the flamboyant persona of some of the most dynamic characters of Naruto. So here we go.

Now, I will be listing all the characters randomly reasoning how or why they were nerfed or ruined.

  1. Naruto Uzumaki

Honestly, the main character the show has been named after has grown so powerful that he could solo almost any shinobi or non-shinobi-aliens with mid-difficulty. The guy has, by the end of the Shippuden, both halves of Kurama the nine tails, six paths chakra mode, Toad Sage and mastered his ninjutsu and taijutsu to the greatest extent.

For the 15 years, die-hard fans have watched him to grow, and we expected to see him to be something like this:

but, well…for the sake of plot of Boruto Universe they trashed everything, and now apparently he forgot how to fight, he forgot he could fly, he forgot he had precognition, he forgot he was the best sensor in the Narutoverse.

2. Sasuke Uchiha

This guy, a born prodigy, best battle tactician of the Uchiha clan, with fire and lightning affinity, second to Naruto only shinobi in the world who can easily mop the floor with almost anyone.

What is wrong with him you say is that he has grown weak, he now has problems with chakra all of a sudden, he suddenly has an issue with his rinnegan, he can’t use it to its fullest potential but only one or two tricks?

These two guys should have been the strongest individually, but together unbeatable gods/demi-gods. Instead what we got was a mockery of what we had watched for 15 years.

Next on the list is

3. Hinata Hyuga

Frankly speaking, I didn’t even recognize her. She is supposed to be the one with Hamura’s chakra, the third, supposedly, demi-god with great potential. But what happened to her? You do remember that all parents to be at their best in shippuden, don’t you dear reader?

Now, look back at Hinata once again. I do still remember what she used to look like

The worst is we don’t get to see her in action at all. Nor do we even see her taking any active role in training her kids, especially Himawari.

4. Shino and Rock Lee

The one used to be very intelligent and the other one was very positive and optimistic. So, what happened to them? Boruto Universe happened? Honestly, How on earth could a Genin beat a 4th great war veteran, a Jonin. I’d argue he would qualify an elite one.

And Rock Lee, look how old he has become! Do you remember Might Guy at his age or even older? He looked better and did better in terms of fighting and missions. And what are these guys doing? One of them is teaching kids at the academy and the other one, god knows what he is doing, sparrings?

Sorry, I have to stop here. Too frustrated to write.

P.S. I understand this is not about Naruto or Narutoverse at all. But considering that majority of the audience that they have come from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, they had to show some respect and used some tact to swoop Boruto in with a little respect to the characters we all love.

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