Boruto Episode 289 Spoilers: Release Date, Where to watch and What to expect

The Boruto anime has started adapting the Code arc from the manga. This arc has been a highly anticipated one since it introduces the major characters in this story.

Mary Ham
February 19, 2023 6:00 PM

The Boruto anime season will resume with the story of Code arc, based on the manga's Chapter 59, Knight. The preview for episode 289 hints at Kawaki's doubts about Code's incredible powers.

Meanwhile, Eida and Code begin to team up, spelling danger to Konoha. The anime also introduces Eida's little brother, Daemon.

Release date

There's no denying that Boruto Episode 289 Spoilers are trending worldwide on social media. Fans are anxiously waiting to see what's in store for Boruto's latest chapter of the manga.

Among the things that we can expect is a new arc from the Code arc that will feature Eida's little brother, Daemon! The Code arc is the fifth arc from the Boruto manga and follows the events of the Kawaki arc.

The first part of the arc will be filled with filler quality episodes from Naruto's childhood up to his Chunin exam, with the rest being flashbacks of Sasuke's time in team 7. These are more than a little out of place within the main plot but still help explain some of the more confusing elements of the storyline.

The second part of the arc will feature Boruto and Kawaki duking it out on the field. Eventually, Boruto relies on his Karma to win the battle. He knows that this will not be easy, but he's determined to win it.

Where to watch

The first episode of the arc has been scheduled to air on February 26th (JST) and will include Eida’s younger brother, Daemon. This is a big surprise as Eida’s fighting skills are limited to taijutsu.

However, it is still a big mystery how she will defeat the other members of Inner Kara who are ready to invade Konoha. It is also unclear if Kawaki will get involved.

The arc will also see Boruto, Sarada, Kawaki and Mitsuki practice Chakra Control. While they are training, they discover that Kawaki is getting frustrated with their slow progress. He challenges them to a duel. Eventually, Boruto overwhelms him with Karma.

What to expect

We don’t know much about Boruto episode 289 yet, but it looks like it will start the Code arc. This arc will bring the appearance of Eida’s brother, Daemon, and Code himself, along with other terrifying new powers.

In the preview for this episode, we see Kawaki being depressed over his failure to defeat Code and his incredible power. As a result, he decides to harden his resolve and spring into action.

The preview also shows Eida and Code conversing, though we don’t know what they are discussing. This could mean that they are planning to work together, spelling danger to Konoha.

Meanwhile, Boruto and his team are training Chakra Control but are finding it challenging. They are then challenged by Kawaki, who has a lot of doubts about his ability and how he will be able to protect his idol, Naruto.

Final words

Boruto and his team arrive in the Land of Fire and enter Paradise, a cult facility. They are welcomed by the cult leader Mozu, who takes them on a tour of his facilities and shows them where the legendary messenger hawks are kept.

He then tells them that they will have to choose a new experiment, if they want to be free. The first one they are forced to take is a sealed room with a spiked ceiling that slowly collapses under them, and their first test is to break through it.

They succeed in doing so, but they soon discover that the floor beneath them is not solid enough to hold them. They start working together to try and break through the ceiling, and they do so successfully.

Code then tracks Boro's Cult to a facility and finds Eida, a cyborg stronger than Jigen, which was to be terminated. She tells him that she has clairvoyant abilities, but that she doesn't want to use them to attack him, since he's already physically incapable of harming her.

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