Boruto Episode 218 Is Making Naruto Fans Break Into Tears

Manta Ray
October 7, 2021 7:00 PM

The unexpected passing of perhaps Naruto’s most established partner in the most recent scene of Boruto Episode 218 has prompted an overflowing of passionate responses from long-lasting enthusiasts of the series.

Boruto Episode 218 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 218 included numerous considerable changes to business as usual: while Naruto’s unique new Baryon Mode wasn’t sufficient to polish Isshiki Ohtsutsuki off, an astute stunt by Kawaki, utilizing Naruto’s unique Shadow Clone Jutsu, was enough to stop the lowlife at last.

Notwithstanding, the triumph was fleeting for the legends of Konoha, as Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki promptly assumed responsibility for Boruto’s body and utilized the youthful ninja to drive a kunai through Sasuke’s Rinnegan, causing the great shinobi to lose one of his most potent crucial capacities.

Following the resulting fight, Naruto drops from depletion. It is welcomed by an old companion inside his psyche: Kurama, the nine-followed monster that was fixed inside the ninja soon after his introduction to the world. Kurama uncovers that the expense of utilizing Baryon Mode wasn’t Naruto’s life power, but instead, its own.


Here ends the story…💔 #Boruto218 | #kurama

— Yuu (@7hus7) October 3, 2021


He knew Naruto more than anyone else. He was always there. He was once considered the demon fox but he cared about Naruto so much.

Today's episode was so painful. I cried so hard 😭💔#RIPKurama#Boruto#Boruto218

— Naruto Uzumaki (@AnimeReviewsSu1) October 3, 2021

After thinking back on the past and seeing dreams of Naruto growing up, the fox soul passes on as Naruto – and devotees of the series – cry and get down on its name.

The deficiency of one of Sasuke’s essential capacities and Naruto’s most seasoned partner came as a gut-punch to many aficionados of the anime, who were formerly riding high because of the presentation of the incredible Baryon Mode in the first scenes, which caused it to seem like the Konoha shinobi planned to endure this fight sound.

Kurama was first found in the first section of the manga and the main scene of the anime. Its impact had influenced as long as Naruto can remember: the monster fixed inside Naruto was what initially made him be an outsider from society as a kid.

However when Naruto acquired the animal’s regard and admittance to its enormous measures of chakra, it became perhaps his most grounded partner and wellsprings of force.

Boruto Episode 218 Is Making Naruto Fans Break Into Tears

Despite the sad result, gathering to the scene has been predominantly sure, with many fans presenting their responses on the scene’s numerous unexpected turns via web-based media.

This Arc denotes the point in the Boruto manga where Naruto’s unique maker, Masashi Kishimoto, started composing the series once more.

Numerous watchers have noticed that this and the last scene have figured out how to recover the vibe and tone of the exemplary Naruto series.

Boruto Episode 218 was coordinated by Yusuke Onoda, who recently dealt with Bleach and Naruto Shippuden. The scene’s unit chief was Atsushi Wakabayashi, who chipped away at those two series too.

Critical activity for the stage was dealt with by Kosei Takahashi, who has additionally chipped away at series like Black Clover and Detective Conan.

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