Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers & Raw Scans: A Big Revealation!

Boruto is also a powerful ninja, and it’s unlikely that he’ll be defeated by a group of mighty Konoha ninja, as he can easily escape their grasp.

Manta Ray
April 18, 2023 3:14 PM

Boruto chapter 80 spoilers & raw scans are starting to surface on social media as the manga is getting closer to its release date. As a result, hardcore fans are extremely restless.

In this upcoming chapter, Shikamaru gets confirmation that Boruto killed Naruto. Upon hearing the news, Sarada breaks down and Mitsuki runs after Boruto.

Shikamaru reveals that Boruto killed Naruto

Boruto chapter 80 spoilers & raw scans are available online, and fans are eager to see what happens. The latest chapter is expected to see Boruto reunited with Sarada and Mitsuki, who are both trying to get stronger to help him.

Previously, Boruto was captured by the Garou and was forced to be a “vessel” for Momoshiki. As a result, Boruto’s body was damaged, but his soul survived.

In the manga, Boruto was still alive because Momoshiki valued him too much to allow him to die. This is because he has the blood of his father, mother, and grandfather going through his veins.

Sarada and Sumire are immune to Eida’s power

Shikamaru and Konoha are keeping a close eye on Eida, who’s been defecting in hopes of gaining Kawaki’s affections. To make sure she doesn’t fall too far from the norm, they’ve assigned Sarada and Sumire to monitor her.

Sarada was a genin who graduated from the Chunin Exams under Konohamaru Sarutobi’s leadership. She’s known for her keen insight into nature transformations and she inherited Buntan’s lightning-based techniques.

She has the ability to create streams, orbs, and other shapes from lightning, and she can also infuse it into Fuma Shuriken to attack an opponent.

In a later episode, she and Mitsuki lead a team to capture the Mujina Bandits, who’re supposedly a bear/panda. However, they’re not able to find the flag and have to dispel a genjutsu to locate it.

Boruto inherits the will of fire as a shinobi

In a world rife with ninja, one boy seeks to become the greatest shinobi there ever was. Boruto Uzumaki is Naruto and Hinata’s eldest son, and he is currently on a journey to inherit the ninja world.

In his quest, he has come across many mentors along the way, but his journey isn’t without its hardships. He has to face a dark destiny that will forever change the ninja world he lives in.

The Will of Fire is a ninja ideal that all Konoha villagers share, and it is one that was shared by Naruto Uzumaki. It is a selfless desire to protect one’s village or comrades, and this was an important element of the philosophy behind Naruto’s rise to Hokage.

Boruto must form an alliance with Code

Boruto and Team 7 are ready to go on their next mission. But when Kagura Karatachi rejects their offer to travel with them, Boruto must find a way to rescue her.

Meanwhile, Sasuke and Sarada are working on acquiring highly classified intel at the Five Kage Summit, and Shino secretly lends his support to the group. In addition to the ninjas, Sumire and Wasabi Izuno are on an assignment to investigate workplaces for their school project.

Amado’s past actions may be exposed

Boruto Chapter 80 spoilers & raw scans hint that Amado may have revealed his true motives. After all, many fans have been speculating about the villain’s endgame since his debut in Naruto Next Generations.

The latest chapter reveals that Amado’s goal is to revive his daughter by creating a clone. As we already know, Delta has an incurable disease that kills her a few months after she’s born, and Amado had been searching for a cure.

Considering that Amado programmed a “kill switch” into Kawaki and Delta, it’s highly likely that he also did so with Eida. This could mean that Boruto will have to use his evil side to help him survive.

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