Boku no hero The Big Three of UA

Manta Ray
November 26, 2020 6:00 PM

"Boku no hero The Big Three of UAThe Big Three of UA high school are considered as the top quality of crop and are quite formidable students, who atop all the students not only in the UA high school but their skills and power superior to many pro-heroes. As described by Shota Aizawa that the members of Big Three are the top students of UA. It’s not to be confused with their studies as they were given this title taking into the consideration of their strength and skills in battle, no matter how they perform in their studies.

Mirio Togato, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado make up Boku no hero The Big Three and belong to the 3rd year of the hero course. They were first introduced in the series during Internship Arc. Mirio made his appearance slightly earlier. He met Midoriya who was on his way to throw some trash. While the next day the Big Three introduced themselves to Class-1A. Tamaki was feeling little shy and he didn’t take part in the conversation, Nejire took interest in the diversity of the class and she interacted with the students, while Mirio went little far and threw a gauntlet and asked the students to have a battle against him one vs all.

He easily took them out in a mere 6 seconds, and also scouted students that had potential. Mirio had a quirk called Permeation that allows him to become intangible, but right now he is quirk less due to his battle with Chisaki. Tamaki, on the other hand, has the ability of Manifest. He can gain characteristic of anything he eats. Nejire Hado has a quirk of WaveMotion that allows her to convert her vitality into pure energy that could be released with immense power."

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