Boku no Hero Academia: Top 5 strongest Class 1-A students

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November 26, 2020 6:00 PM

"Top 5 strongest Class 1-A students There are some anime characters that rely on brute strength with a cocky attitude while relying more on their tactics to get out of tight spots. A flock of characters possess both and believe they are the worst of them all. You can’t just pinpoint them and carry on your onslaught of rampaging as these characters by their sheer brilliance bring the fight to their opponents and reclaiming their victory. Boku no Hero Academia is the home for all these traits and class 1-A of High School is the origin of these future pro heroes. Following the trend, I would love to countdown top 5 strongest class 1-A students in the anime series.

  1. Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki Bakugou is one of the strongest in Boku no Hero Academia and ranks 1 in the class 1-A. he is destined for glory in future when he was first introduced at the start of series in Manga, alongside Izuku. It’s really disappointing to see that the character of Bakugou is not being properly emphasized. There are a lot of instances where he was scripted to be the center force of problem but I hope writers are keeping some big development for Bakugou in future. Katsuki just like his cocky attitude has a cocky Quirk of Explosion. He doesn’t back down from any challenges and likes to charge head on recklessly. Despite his looks, Bakugou is intelligent and understand the importance of the situation and fight with tactical instincts. He is superb in combat battles that earned him no 1 rank in UA cultural festival. His AP shot is the latest addition of move in his arsenal.

  1. Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is giving quite tough competition to Katsuki and it won’t be too long when he’ll acquire the epithet of the strongest student in 1-A. His quirk as compared to Bakugou is strong but he lacks the tenacity and boisterous nature which separates him from Bakugou. Todoroki is the son of current no 1 hero, and genetically acquired his fire quirk and Ice quirk of his mother. Shoto Todoroki is quite talented and skilled and use heaps of tactics in his battles. He’s quite good with his Ice quirk in both defending and attacking. He stood 2nd in UA cultural Festival, only defeated due to his own flaws. Due to his personal reasons he has rejected his fire-powered and doesn’t use in the battle. His Giant Ice Wall is quite impressive and enough to immobilize anyone.

  1. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of the story alongside Katsuki and he’s the successor of All Might having acquired “One for all†from the symbol of peace himself. Midoriya was trained by All Might himself and from being quirkless to be ranked in top 5 strongest he considerably has grown to great heights. His most remarkable feat was of defeating a professional Villain named Muscles during forest Training Camp. No other student has achieved this feat individually. Midoriya reached top 8 only to be defeated by Todoroki, motivated by Midoriya himself to use his full power. He has managed to control his quirk for now and by imitating Bakugou’s moves correctly he has developed his own fighting style. 100% Detroit Smash and One for All full Cowl are his few of his impressive techniques.

  1. Fumikage Tokoyami

Next in the line is Tokoyami, master of Dark Shadow. Tokoyami stood 3rd in the UA cultural festival and after the advice of All Might he began training to better his skills. The dark shadow is lethal at day but at night it is uncontrollable and turns into a demonic monster which destroys anything in its path. In forest Training Camp, Tokoyami’s dark shadow went out of control and started rampaging, hurting Shoji and ultimately crushing a villain named Moonfish easily. Earlier Katsuki and Shoto were having trouble to hold Moonfish together and were quite shocked by Tokoyami’s dark shadow.

  1. Eijiro Kirishima

It was really hard for me to choose from the likes of Tenya Lida, Denki Kaminari and that Kirishima. But analyzing the past performance I picked Kirishima over them. Tenya was impressive at UA Cultural Festival and even stood 4th but since then he hasn’t shown any kind of promises to prove himself strong enough to get his name in the list. Kirishima, on the other hand, has always been energetic and rejuvenated his fighting style to muster a great amount of success. He stood firm and attacked villains and has shown keen interest to showcase his skills in combat fighting. His quirk of hardening gives him an additional advantage in hand to hand combat fight. At UA cultural festival he was bested by Bakugou but since then, has shown great insight in development. "

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