Boku no hero Academia chapter 293 : Hero Saturated Society

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December 5, 2020 6:00 PM

It's almost time that the next Boku no hero Academia chapter 293 have been rolled out in for a real treat for the Boku no hero's fans. It's almost six years, since the series first came into limelight but it's still going strong and smashing allr records on the box office.

Boku no hero Academia: Summary

The Boku no hero Academia chapter 293 are as follows, As Mirio Togata arrives to help his fellow heroes as Shigaraki and other villains continue to wreak havoc. The chapter is reportedly titled "Hero Saturated Society."The chapter starts with Mirio's, who is also known as Lemillion, flashback as he learns about the national scale villain sweeping operation. He wants to participate and asks Eri about it. Mirio bows his head and apologizes to her because he wants to use her powers. Eri responds that she has been training for it.Back in the war zone, Mirio is aware that he cannot deal with the Nomus alone and screams for help. The next panel shows Bakugo appearing.

 Boku no hero Academia chapter 293

In Boku no hero Academia chapter 293, Bakugo attacks the Nomus with massive explosions. Meanwhile, Ida is upset as she wants Bakugo to stop moving or he will die.Best Jeanist asks Bakugo if he is witnessing the state of the world after the attacks. He grins and tells Best Jeanist that Bakugo is his temporary name and announces his hero name. He wants people to call him DynaMight – The God of Great Killing Bomb.Related Article: Top 5 Strongest Class 1-A students.Best Jeanist, Nejire, Iida, Spinner and Compress react to his name differently. However, Mirio seems to like his name despite it being long. Mirio also feels there is humor in it.Boku no hero Academia chapter 293, also shows Gigantomachia still tied by Best Jeanist and the next panel shows Dabi hugging Shoto in an attempt to kill the hero.Later, Deku rises and uses Black Whip out of his mouth to save Shoto. Dabi yells that he should not interfere in their family business. Deku tells him that Shoto is his friend and Endeavor is his great mentor who made him strong enough to fight villains like him.Meanwhile, Gigantomachia is breaking free from Best Jeanist's Quirk. But Gigantomachia suddenly collapses because of Yaomomo's tranquilizer and the chapter concludes.

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