Blue Lock Chapter 215 Spoilers and Raw Scans: Snuffy's Football Idealogy

Blue Lock is currently one of the top selling manga series in the world right now with 1.2 million copies sold. It revolves around Ego Jinpachi’s master plan to create the world’s greatest egotist striker.

Mary Ham
April 14, 2023 1:07 PM

In this article, we will talk about the spoilers and raw scans for Blue Lock chapter 215 titled “Work”. It is sure to give fans plenty of excitement as it continues to explore the lives of the players.

Snuffy’s football ideology

Blue Lock chapter 215 spoilers and raw scans: Snuffy’s football ideology was on display in a big way. He asked his team to think of Ubers as a company, themselves as employees, and their matches as work. He even had them wear matching uniforms to show off his organizational skills.

Snuffy’s big idea was to create a database with data on every player and then use it to devise a handful of game plans that would win them the most matches. Using the most sophisticated algorithms, he devised a system to monitor their progress on a real-time basis and gave them a virtual coach to motivate them along the way.

In addition to the most popular players in town, a handful of other candidates were sent down to the field for their chance at the big prize. Using the newfound information, Snuffy crafted a scheme to take control of the match, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Ubers’ attack

Snuffy aims to make Barou the Ubers’ first attack point and get him to score. He does this by focusing on his movements and stealing the ball.

He also instructs his players to view themselves as employees of Ubers and their matches as work. They are to put all their strategies and game plans in their heads.

This is similar to the former Japanese football philosophy of a ‘one for all, all for one’ approach, but it has produced excellent results so far. This is why they have already managed to hold the top position in Blue Lock 2.0 even with a defensive and traditional playing style.

In Blue Lock chapter 215 spoilers and raw scans, Isagi intercepted a pass from Sendo to Barou, but he lost it to Niko due to Ubers’ tactics - slow tempo while attacking, high-press on losing the ball, and counter-attacks upon retrieving possession. This was a strategy that no single player could have executed alone.

Isagi’s meta-vision

With his new meta-vision ability, Isagi is able to identify his opponents and assess their strengths. He is also able to read their intentions and understand when to attack them.

Isagi’s new weapon is similar to a cheat code, and it will increase his stamina consumption as well. But it will allow him to get on par with international players, so long as he is aware of their moves.

During the match, Isagi noticed that Ubers had a steady build-up, so he aimed to intercept their attacks. But he didn’t have much luck as they kept on stealing the ball.

This shows that Ubers have exceptional teamwork as they were able to work together as one unit. However, they are still bound to lose if they don’t beat the Neo Egoists.

Borou’s strike

In one of the most exciting scenes in Blue Lock chapter 215, Borou made a stunning strike that everyone noticed. It was a great goal that also impressed the other players as well.

The most impressive aspect of this goal was that it required Isagi to use his left foot in the process. It was also the most expensive goal in the game, as it cost 50 million yen ($60,000).

Isagi’s left-foot strike earned a lot of praise from fans and commentators alike. Lorenzo even went as far as to claim that it was the best shot of its kind.

However, it was Ubers’ teamwork that really set them apart from their opponents. This is because they were able to act as a unit, despite the fact that they were playing against a team of Bastard Munchen’s caliber.

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