Blue Lock Chapter 209 - Raichi Gets a Vital Role

Blue Lock is the latest shonen sports manga to hit the streets and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular. It follows a teenager named Yoichi Isagi and his quest to become the greatest striker in the world.

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March 7, 2023 1:12 PM

Ego Jinpachi is the mastermind behind this risky project, and he believes Japan is lacking an egotistic striker to bring them to world cup glory. As a result, he initiates the Blue Lock program, where three hundred talented strikers from high schools across Japan are isolated and put to the test.

Noel Noa Picks Raichi as a Defensive Midfielder (DMF)

In Blue Lock chapter 209, Noel Noa picks Raichi as a defensive midfielder (DMF) for his team. The German team, Bastard Munchen, is expected to play against Italy’s Ubers, a team that has traditionally played a strong defensive strategy.

In order to defeat this team, Noel Noa needs a defensive anchor who will protect Isagi and Kaiser from the opposing attackers and help them win the 1v1 duels. Since Raichi has the highest numbers in terms of dueling, 1v1 defensive win rate, and physicality, he is perfect for this role.

He also has a tall, muscular body and the strength to catch the ball in mid-air with ease. He is skilled in using his strength to dribble, trap, and pass the ball at any angle with equal power on both feet.

Raichi’s Defensive Weapons

The upcoming match against Ubers will be crucial for Raichi’s chances of becoming the team’s heartbeat and defensive anchor. He will likely be a major player in the defensive part of the game by using his strong defensive weapons and abilities to protect both Isagi and Kaiser from attacks from the opposing team’s forwards.

Man-Marking: With his aggressive nature and physicality, Raichi is able to man-mark players effectively. This can be beneficial for his team since it can discourage the other team from playing their natural style of play and putting them under pressure.

Immense Stamina: With his incredibly high stamina, Raichi is able to keep up with the game’s pace. This is especially important when he is using his Man-Marking ability to put the other team under a lot of pressure.

He also has a good 1v1 defense win rate and is one of the most effective duelers in the group. Combined with his great stamina, these abilities make Raichi a dangerous opponent in both the defensive and offensive phases of play.

Raichi’s Strengths

In the latest Blue Lock chapter, Raichi gets a vital role that may make him the envy of his rivals. Having the best dueling abilities and 1v1 defensive win rate in the game, Raichi has been tasked to anchor the midfield against Italy’s Ubers, who are known for their robust defense. In a recent training session, Raichi was also awarded the accolade of being the highest ranked player in his department.

Raichi is a bit of a powerhouse in the midfield, and his stamina may have been the main reason behind his impressively long string of goals. In addition, his man-marking capabilities, which are a bit more ambiguous than they appear, are on the upswing. Aside from that, there are a few other strengths to be found. The most obvious is his dazzling array of skills and abilities, but it is his ability to outmaneuver his competitors that makes him the star of the show.

Raichi’s Limits

A member of Team Z during First Selection, Raichi passed through Second Selection as one of the remaining Blue Lock contenders. He is currently on the bench for Blue Lock Eleven against Japan U-20.

Raichi has an incredibly powerful personality and it is this that makes him such a valuable player in Blue Lock. He is a brash and confident striker who possesses a burning desire to be the best in the world.

When he enters the program, Raichi is already an elite athlete with excellent dribbling skills. However, he soon realizes that he is not yet at his full potential and will have to work hard to become the striker he desires.

As a member of Blue Lock, Raichi has to push himself to the limits and prove himself against strong players. This is why he was able to come back from a goal down to beat Team V in the game. He proved that he has a true passion for football and a willingness to work harder than ever before.

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