Black Clover William Vangeance: The Squad Captain of Golden Dawn

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December 28, 2020 6:00 PM

I couldn't fully believe in Master Julius, or in the future I had a duty to protect. My weakness brought on this fight.- Black Clover William Vangeance

Black Clover William Vangeance, is the principal chief of the Clover Kingdom's Golden Dawn crew of the Magic Knights. He is supposed to be the nearest individual to turning into the following Magic Emperor.

William is a 26-year-elderly person with normal tallness and an imperfect form. He has purple eyes and short white hair. William wears a protective cap that likewise capacities as a cover that darkens the upper portion of his face.

Black Clover William Vangeance, is cherished by his men and orders extraordinary dedication from them. He has a quiet, amicable aura and almost consistently wears an obliging grin while chatting with others. He actually keeps a to some degree strange emanation because of the way that a large portion of his appearance is covered by his veil.

Black Clover William Vangeance is a perceptive, mindful person who rapidly sees Asta's high athletic capacity during the test, and who additionally endeavours to hold different chiefs in line during Gueldre's endeavoured to escape by calling attention to that the other man might be affected by another person's wizardry.

World Tree Magic: William utilizes this wizardry characteristic to create and control world trees

Recuperating Magic: William utilizes this type of enchantment for recuperation purposes.

Association Magic: William joins his World Tree Magic with Licht's Sword Magic

Immense Magic Power: As a skipper of a Magic Knights crew, William has a gigantic measure of sorcery power, having the option to make an opening in the sky and gather colossal tree roots.

He can likewise ingest the mana of close by mages to build his enchantment capacity to dangerous levels, which at that point permits him to deliver a spell that can cover the aggregate of Kiten.

Although he is an Arcane Stage mage, his typical capacities are positioned as Stage Zero.

Grimoire: William has a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains different world tree-based spells

Specialized Device: William has a little gadget that permits him to speak with the individuals from his crew. It can just send sound.

William and Yami Sukehiro are both exceptionally respected enchantment knight chiefs who were selected by the Magic Emperor, Julius Novachrono at young ages.

They have known each other for quite a long time, and have even built up a neighbourly contention with each other all the while

Black Clover William Vangeance is too defensive of his crew, the Golden Dawn, as he has placed in a ton of work and trust in its individuals and has pride in the crew's present part as the best enchantment knight crew in the realm.

His defence of the crew's individuals is solid, as even in the wake of being caught by Zenon Zogratis, William enacted his wizardry to save the lives of the leftover individuals and recuperate them.

As one of his freshest volunteers in the Golden Dawn, William saw a ton of potential in Yuno.

In contrast with a large portion of the Golden Dawn, William was more than tolerating of Yuno notwithstanding his experience as an average person and anticipated that he should proceed to do incredible things as an individual from his crew.

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