Black clover: Top 10 Contenders For The Title Of The Wizard King Ranked

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January 23, 2021 6:00 PM

Black clover: Top 10 Contenders For The Title Of The Wizard King Ranked

Black clover is a fight Shounen, composed and delineated by YÅ«ki Tabata. It follows the tale of a magicless kid, Asta, who dreams of turning into the Wizard King. In the clover realm, there are Magic Knights who ensure the standards and guidelines of the nation. Furthermore, on top of all Magic Knight is the situation of Wizard King, which is right now involved by Julius Novachrono.

Being the Wizard King is anything but a simple errand. It speaks to the most grounded wizard in the entire realm. Along these lines, they should have the colossal enchanted ability and an awareness of certain expectations. Here are the best 10 competitors for the following Wizard King title.


Brook Boismorter is the commander of the enchantment knight crew ""Sky blue Deer"", whose past skipper is the current Wizard King. He is the most youthful individual to turn into a chief of the wizardry knight crew throughout the entire existence of the Clover realm.

Rivulet is the client of Painting Magic through which he can make anything, in actuality, as long as he paints them. Utilizing this enchantment, he can likewise create some other components like fire and water. He can also use change wizardry, which permits him to duplicate others' appearances. One may see the likenesses in the characters of Rill and Julius himself. The stream has a pure heart and limitless potential, which makes him an extraordinary competitor for the title of Wizard King. So he's one of the Contenders For The Title Of The Wizard King Ranked.


Noelle Silva is an individual from the Black Bulls wizardry crew. She is likewise sovereignty and second girl of House Silva. She utilizes Water Magic with the assistance of a wand. Being of royal blood, Noelle has monstrous mysterious force, which at first, she was unable to control. With the aid of a rod, Noelle is later ready to utilize Water Magic all the more successfully.

Even though Noelle has a great deal of supernatural force, she doesn't appear to have a lot of feeling of obligation. However, her time in the Black Bulls has made her continually develop into a more capable individual, and eventually a competitor for the Wizard Queen title.


Leopold is the second child of the place of Vermilion. He is additionally a second class Magic Knight of the Crimson Lion crew. In the same way as other different individuals from his family, Leopold utilizes Fire Magic. Much the same as Noelle, Leopold is likewise a Royalty, so he has a gigantic measure of Magic Power which he uses over and over.

Leopold is a knuckleheaded Magic Knight who thinks about Asta to be his opponent. He plans to turn into the Wizard King, and with some cleaning of his capacities, Leopold can unquestionably accomplish the title.


Fuegoleon is the Captain of the Crimson Lions Magic Squad. He is the primary child of the place of Vermillion and the more seasoned sibling of Leopold. He has a gigantic measure of sorcery power which he uses with his Fire Magic. Fuegoleon additionally has a fire soul, Salamander.

Fuegoleon is the most brilliant skipper among all Magic Knight crews and is likewise an expert strategist. Given all that, it can without much of a stretch be said that he has practically all the attributes of the Wizard King and is one of the competitors for the title.


Nozel Silva is another significant competitor for the Wizard King title. He is the chief of the Silver Eagle Magic Knight crew and uses Mercury wizardry. He is the most established child of the place of Silva and is the sibling of Noelle Silva.

He has the most extreme command over his Mercury enchantment and can make and control mercury as he wishes. His capacities are even commanded by Patolli, the head of Eye Of The Midnight Sun. Nozel needs to turn into the Wizard King, and it tends to be seen on his persistent effort. So he's one of the Contenders For The Title Of The Wizard King Ranked.


Mereoleona is a force to be reckoned with of supernatural ability and actual strength. She is probably the most grounded commander in the Magic Knight crews, looking after Crimson Lions upon the nonappearance of her sibling Fuegoleon. Like her siblings, she utilizes Fire Magic alongside Mana Zone to a considerable degree. She has superhuman strength, speed, and perseverance permitting her to battle off against 5 of the resurrected Elves alone.

Mereoleona has its unique method of inspiring others and regards anybody ready to get substantial paying little mind to their respectability or heredity. Her monster, like conduct aside, Mereoleona is appropriate to turn into the Wizard Queen.


Yuno is the foster sibling of Asta and his adversary for the title of the Wizard King. Yuno is talented with enchantment controls that he uses with Wind Magic. He is the bad habit skipper of the Golden Dawns sorcery knight crew and has an uncommon four-leaf Grimoire. He likewise has the soul of the breeze, Sylph. Like Mereoleone, Yuno can also utilize the high-level strategy, Mana Zone.

Yuno's fantasy is to turn into the Wizard King, and he guaranteed Asta that he would outsmart him. Perceiving how he is an evil habit commander so early, Yuno is improving at a quick. Also, on the off chance that he proceeds with this way by sharpening his aptitudes, he can unquestionably turn into the Wizard King. So he's one of the Contenders For The Title Of The Wizard King Ranked.


Asta is the hero of the arrangement who not at all like each individual on the planet is conceived without enchantment controls; however, he is a muscle headed diligent employee. He is a vagrant brought up in the little town of Hage in the Forsaken Realm. got a five-leaf Grimoire which is controlled by a fallen angel. Asta is an individual from the Black Bulls wizardry crews.

Even though the demon controls his Grimoire, Asta can use the fallen angel's Anti-Magic without being devoured by the villain itself. The attractive Anti-Magic permits Asta to counterbalance all sorcery power, setting anybody battling against him at a considerable weakness. Asta is likewise a sort hearted and empathic individual who thinks about everybody and will strive to ensure them. He will most likely turn into the Wizard King sometime.


William is one of the two skippers designated by the current Wizard King, Julius himself. He is the chief of the Golden Dawn sorcery knight crew, supposed to be the most grounded enchantment crew of all. He was brought into the world with the scar covering half of his face because of which his family surrendered him. Be that as it may, later, Julius saw the capability of William and requested that he join his crew, Gray Deer.

William utilizes an extremely adaptable kind of enchantment called the World Tree Magic, which permits him to create and control world trees. Alongside that, he can likewise utilize recuperating sorcery. William is an incredible pioneer and supposed to be the nearest to turning into the following Wizard King. So he's one of the Contenders For The Title Of The Wizard King Ranked.


Yami Sukehiro is the captain of the Black Bulls delegated by the Wizard King himself alongside Willaim. He utilizes Dark Magic, an abnormal and uncommon sort of wizardry characteristic. Yami is said to have come from the Hino nation that is outside the current landmass.

Yami is the most solid individual in Black Clover and is an expert fighter. Alongside superhuman capacities like upgraded strength, speed, solidness, Yami can utilize Ki to identify enchantment clients in the encompassing. Yami has a total faithfulness towards the Wizard King himself and will advance to turn into the following Wizard King. So he's one of the Contenders For The Title Of The Wizard King Ranked.

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