Black Clover: Time Devil Lucius Zogratis Magic And Lucifero's Revival.

Manta Ray
May 13, 2022 7:00 PM

After a cinematic revelation last week in chapter 331 that Julius is actually Time devil Lucius Zogratis, the 4th sibling of Zogratis family. Well it does look for now, but there might be more to it. The manga is on break as of now, with Tabata san going on a 3 month hiatus.

Earlier, Lucifero lost to the duo of Asta and Liebe, and fans were really unruly of it. Lucifero was well portrayed, and his character development was quite considerable. And I really think there is more to Lucifero.

Here’s my theory!

Remember, Adramelech hasn’t done anything yet ever since his first appearance. So it doesn’t seem that he had any plans AT ALL on fighting against the magic knights.

In the recent chapters, when Asta finally “defeated” Lucifero, Adramelech picks up Lucifero’s Heart. He clapped and even congratulated them for “winning” against Lucifero. Before leaving, while holding Lucifero’s heart, he said, “now, this is what I wanted.”

Time devil Lucius Zogratis

Lucifero Will Be Revived by Time devil Lucius Zogratis

How did I come up with my theory that Lucifero will be revived?

During his fight against Yami and Nacht, Lucifero told them that half of his strength still lies in the underworld, yet he still claimed that they would still lose against him. “The next time we meet, WITH MY FULL STRENGTH, I’ll kill you all.”

In the latest chapter, Adrammelech appears in “Julius‘” room with Lucifero’s heart in his hand. He said, “everything happened pretty much LIKE WHAT YOU SAID, time devil Lucius Zogratis.”

Now, the revelation of the cover of Julius’ supposed-to-be-coverless grimoire has made a loud noise among the readers. Some even theorized that the two upsides down spade symbolized the 4 kingdoms. But upon my research, Upside Down Spade symbolizes REBIRTH/REVIVAL/RESURRECTION.

Time devil Lucius Zogratis

Time devil Lucius Zogratis’ magic may be related to being capable of resurrecting someone. The Time magic isn’t Julius’ nor Lucius’ but of Astaroth the Devil.

MAYBE, Lucius planned EVERYTHING, as per Adremelech. And he brings Lucifero’s Heart with him for Lucius to be able to RESURRECT Lucifero. And because he’s finally in the Human World and will be resurrected in the human world, he might have a chance to use 100% of his power finally.

If my theory is correct, well, Tabata will finally give the character of Lucifero some Justice.

Time devil Lucius Zogratis

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