Black Clover: Things that fans don’t know about Mereoleona Vermillion

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February 6, 2021 6:00 PM

Black Clover: Things that fans don’t know about Mereoleona Vermillion

As a member of House of Vermillion, Mereoleona is perhaps the best character in Black Clover. Her unimaginable expertise sponsors up her blazing disposition—she's one of the most grounded Magic Knights in the show. Bearing the title the "Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness," she enters the arrangement and quickly changes the dynamic of how the Magic Knights work.

She carries an unconventional style to the Magic Knights. She causes her own society as well as all Magic Knights to step up as the Clover Kingdom needs to manage more grounded, more hazardous adversaries. She captures everyone's attention from the second she enters the scene, and this rundown centres around all the things that solitary the greatest fans would've thought about her.

10 First To Show Off The Mana Zone


The Mana Zone is how significant level mages figure out how to attract more magic than their bodies need to build their current mana supply, boosting their solidarity.

Even though different characters would, in the end, show this force off, Mereoleona was the principal individual to acquaint us with its possibility, with her flaunting the soonest phase of it in the Mana Skin. Afterwards, her fight against the Third Eye would clarify what Mana Zones were, a typical method utilized later. This is one of the many things that fans don’t know about Mereoleona Vermillion.


9 Popularity


It's maybe obvious that Mereoleona is one of the more well-known characters in the arrangement. She's the sort of individual fans will, in general, cherish in shonen understanding, with her solid will and unbelievable fight capacities.

In the Shonen Jump surveys, she positioned #7 in the second Black Clover survey and got #4 in the third one. In the VIZ Popularity surveys, she set #4 in their third prominence survey. This places her pretty high, in light of everything, mainly since she's not as noticeable as different characters.

8 Her Rival Was The Only One She Couldn't Beat

While she's frequently alluded to as uncrowned and undefeated, that doesn't mean she's won continuously every one of her battles. Acier Silva initially prepared her.

Hence, it's referenced that Mereoleona was always unable to vanquish Acier, regardless of how much more grounded she got. This was somebody who she gazed upward to, and she proceeded with want to one day rout her made her a lot more grounded. This is one of the many things that fans don’t know about Mereoleona Vermillion.

7 Initially Refused To Become A Captain

One thing we've found out about Mereoleona is that she doesn't care for the possibility of respectable society. She's so baffled with rules and what accompanies being a Magic Knight Captain that when the position is offered to her, she turns down the work.

Despite being the following up in the Crimson Lions, she decides to desert the Magic Knights before they can burden her with a position she never needed to manage in any case.

6 Fought Her Brother

Not long before she got her grimoire, Mereoleona got into a monstrous battle with her more youthful sibling.

The kid needed to know why Mereoleona had no interest in turning into a Magic Knight, with her clarifying that the more significant part of the positions that Knights did she viewed as too exhausting to even think about having an interest in. Irate at her answer, both of them got into a real battle that almost demolished the Vermillion Estate. A long time later their fight would be known as Hot-Blooded Tuesday.

5 Prefers Drinking Sake And Eating Wild Game

Mereoleona, as the uncrowned, undefeated lioness, is somebody who appreciates chasing. She prefers it so much that one of her #1 nourishments is wild game cooking.

Fans additionally know, because of her profile, that she cherishes savoring purpose underground aquifers. This to some degree clarifies why the principal thing she did when she got some center time was promptly thrown everybody from Asta and Noelle to Yami into an underground aquifer.


4 Wants To Help Noelle

One of only a handful few characters Mereoleona appears to show genuine love to is Noelle. With her being Acier's little girl, Mereoleona is urging to the youthful mage.

She accepts solidly in getting more grounded through preparing, and therefore additionally trusts in Noelle's capacity to prepare and get more grounded, in contrast to different aristocrats. What we likewise know is Mereoleona also counts one day Noelle can get more grounded than her mom and has attempted to assist her with arriving at that level. This is one of the many things that fans don’t know about Mereoleona Vermillion.

3 Surprisingly Polite

Shockingly, Mereoleona is very respectful. It maybe comes from her childhood, yet she's consistently thoughtful to other people and appears to find out about what's going on around her. At the point when Acier was experiencing pregnancy, Mereoleona seemed to give her blossoms.

There are little contacts like this all through the arrangement, for example, when she presented to Yami a present...right before taking a few of his organization individuals alongside her.

2 Played By: Sailor Uranus

Mereoleona's Japanese voice entertainer is Junko Minagawa. She's generally perceived for playing Sailor Uranus for Sailor Moon Crystal. However, we've additionally observed her in various arrangement across a few periods of anime arrangement.

The other individual answerable for voicing her is the incredible Monica Rial, who's been doing voice acting since the mid-2000s. Most as of late, she's additionally liable for displaying characters from Yuri on Ice to Initial D. She's likewise got a touch of involvement in computer games too.


1 Likes Being In The Wild

What we know without a doubt about Mereoleona is that she favors being out in the wild to being a piece of the remainder of society. We know this since when she got her grimoire, she went out and started visiting territories that had ground-breaking wild mana zones.

Even though she re-visitations of lead the Crimson Lions, what she truly lean towards is living in the wild. This is likely why she's most un-enjoyed by wild creatures... Since she invests so much energy attempting to discover and cook them. This is one of the many things that fans don’t know about Mereoleona Vermillion. [/read_more]


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