Black Clover Lucius Zogratis And Julius Two Sides of the Same Coin

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April 13, 2022 7:00 PM

Yuki Tabata dropped a bombshell this week in the form of a one time generational revelation. Julius Novachrono is none another than the 4th sibling of Zogratis family, Black Clover Lucius Zogratis.

Now that It is confirmed that Julius is the 4th Zogratis Sibling. He had an amazing reveal and he killed Damnatio (Not sure about the fact, more like put to sleep). He has Adrammelech working for him. An amazing job done by Tabata.

Still in disbelief how well executed this twist was. It’s a theory that was roaming around in the community but it’s still shocking as to how much evidence there was behind this. Astaroth/Julius.

This reveal honestly improved the elf arc ten fold at least for me.

But the question still lies that was there a “Julius” in the first place whatsoever. This question has rocked, and jammed the cerebrums. Before we reach to any conclusion, let’s analyse how Julius has actually been set-up from the get-go of the series.

Black Clover Lucius Zogratis

Julius showed traits from start

Julius immediately befriended Yami when he arrived in Clover Kingdom. He was quite fascinated by the dark magic of Yami. He also approached William, when he first witnessed his earth magic. Both the magic were preeminent for the Astaroth process.

He also didn’t kill Patri cause he needed William alive. He further saved both Yami and William from the harsh punishment that was due to them.

Eventually, both of them got captured and helped in opening the gates. He even pretended to defend the clover kingdom from the demon that attacked. This was all pre-planned from the start, and Lucius Zogratis might have dictated Juluus to do so.

Does Julius has a separate personality?

It’s likely that Julius is a separate personality or a result of Lucius Zogratis erasing his own memories to infiltrate Clover, as Julius seems to imply the uneasy feeling he had before was due to Lucius emerging, and he transforms back before he can tell Damnatio something.

I wonder if Julius as we knew him ever existed or if Tabata “killed him” by basically saying he never was. You know how Julius grimoire transformed into Lucius Zogratis one? This implies that the same grimoire = same soul. Julius grimoire having no cover was perfect to hide the Spade grimoire.

Julius’s existential crisis about why he was born, who he was and what his role was hits different. If his whole existence was merely Lucius’s spell on himself. However, this Julius was definitely real, it’s just that he didn’t know himself who he really was.

The only way I see out of it is if Julius was really real, and got possessed somehow. He might have been possessed when he was born or when he died.

However if that’s not the case, then this plot twist is one of the craziest & most tragic ones I’ve ever read in manga, just by looking at the philosophical implications.

This is just me, but I think the Julius we had was actually real, either to hide 4th away all this time or not, the thing is, I think Julius that we know and loved, died, when 214 happened, he was reborn as Lucius (Light) Zogratis, maybe a repressed personality?

How Black Clover Lucius Zogratis stack up with the rest of Zogratis family?

Black Clover Lucius Zogratis personality is well hidden from Julius all together. The Dark Triad members Vanica, Zenon and Dante were the epitome of Psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and Narcissism.

While the Jungian Shadow- Julius/Lucius The unconscious aspect of the self the ego does not identify as itself.

I can’t ignore the shocked look on Julius face When he discovers the truth that he is the devil of time , which confirms that he does not know anything about what happened as if someone owns his body. and his mind.

Tabata did another parallel, with Patri and William with two souls and one body, to Julius and Lucius Zogratis with two personalities in one body, Tabata loves to setup so much from the Elf storyline, it’s crazy.

If it was Lucius’s plan all along to recruit mages with Dark and World Tree Magic for the Tree of Qliphoth then it makes Yami’s dialogue with Dante even more impactful, where he side- “I just let those guys get in Black Bulls because I liked em’.”

He thought he was being like Julius by picking people he liked when he was never chosen for that.

Did Marx altered the memory of Julius?

A theory is making rounds on Reddit about Marx, as how he was the one closest to Julius.

Lucius Zogratis's

Is there any chance that Lucius Zogratis commanded Marx to alter his memory “temporarily” hence creating the Julius persona? And that memory will be unlocked as soon as he realized that he is Astaroth.

There is no other mage that can use memory magic in Black Clover other than Marx and he is the adviser of Julius as well.
During the battle between Julius and Litch(Patri). Julius said- “Who am I? What is the purpose of my life?I kept asking myself that over and over.”

It’s quite possible that Lucius Zogratis has the Mind Magic, other than Marx. He might have moulded the memory of Julius and put him on an autopilot mode all this time. He only emerged when Damnatio Kira caught him.

Things are freakin’ so conflicted. Tabata san, please do come back sooner!

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