Black Clover Julius Novachrono: The Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom

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December 28, 2020 6:00 PM

People want just one thing from the Magic Emperor... Achievements that mark you as the strongest. Produce results. Devote yourselves to building a reputation... That's everything. No one who's unable to do that could ever stand at the top...!-Black Clover Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono is the 28th Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights. He is likewise a previous captain of the Gray Deer squad.

Julius was a tall, moderately aged man with short muddled light hair and purple eyes. One of his notable highlights is a blue six-pointed star on the left half of his brow; this image vanishes when he passes on.

Black Clover Julius, is known to have a fixation on enchantment, as he loves to investigate the realm looking for sorcery that he has never observed. Typically, his silly character arises when he experiences another wizardry and gets eager to see it in real life. Julius additionally ventures to such an extreme as to masking himself to direct his inquiry without being perceived by the residents. He adores Yami and William, as well as Charmy.

Black Clover Julius

Because of his adolescent nature, Julius likewise inclines to leave his obligations as the Magic Emperor or deliberately leave while high-positioning Knights are in a similar room as low-positioning Knights, even though he knows that they would at last conflict. [read_more id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"]

Regardless of that, Julius is additionally an astute man with comprehensive information and experience on sorcery and social elements.

Time Magic: Black Clover Julius utilizes this wizardry property to control time. He can quicken, decelerate, stop, or even opposite the progression of time. He is likewise ready to "recuperate" wounds by switching the time on his and others' injuries. Because of Time Magic's unpredictable idea, Julius can crush a fiend; nonetheless, following his misfortune in influence, his Magic Stage positioning is indistinct.

Limiting Magic: Julius utilizes this type of sorcery to control his adversaries as expected, catching them in a period circle.

Change Magic: Julius utilizes this type of sorcery to appear as another individual. He, as a rule, uses it to stroll among the everyday citizens without being perceived.

Colossal Speed: Black Clover Julius is very quick, as demonstrated when he immediately shows up between two Eye of the Midnight Sun mages slaughtering them before they can even respond.

Gigantic Magic Power: As the Magic Emperor and the most grounded Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom, Julius has a considerable measure of wizardry power. The real essence of his sorcery is "taking time" from those he targets.

Mana Zone: Julius can handle all the mana in a territory around him to expand his spell's capacity and reach. By joining it with his Time Magic, he can age mana's progression around him and anticipate from where assaults are coming. Regardless of whether the foe's subsequent stage is predicted, actual restrictions can restrict legitimate response time.

Black Clover Julius, has a coverless grimoire that contains different time-sensitive spells. After his demise and recovery, his grimoire has been decreased to a solitary page


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