Black Clover - How the Dark Triad Made Noelle and Yuno Different From Asta

The Black Bulls, as a faction of Magic Knights, are an interesting cast of misfits. The oddball group is a fun take on the X-Men and seeing them all grow stronger as a team.

Manta Ray
June 30, 2023 3:20 PM

There are hordes of devils in the Black Clover universe and a hierarchy of power. Nacht Faust comes from a family that specializes in binding devils and he uses his abilities to defeat the ancient demon threatening the Clover Kingdom.

Yuno also obtains a four-leaf grimoire and possesses elf swords after participating in Patry’s reincarnation ritual. His mystical elf powers are the source of his Wind Magic and Star Magic.

The Dark Triad

Black Clover is a shonen that tells the story of Asta, who was born without magic powers but wants to become the Wizard King. Luckily, he has a friend who can help him along the way.

Sister Lily (neburashiruvua, Nebura Shiruva) is a member of the Silver Eagles and daughter of House Silva. She has strong feelings for Asta and is a powerful user of water-based magic. However, her development felt rather limited and she was only able to purify devils after being bestowed with the power of World Soul Magic by Lucius Zogratis.

She is a narcissist who enjoys toying with her opponents and using her powers in different ways. She also uses her skills to manipulate her friends for her own gain. This is a trait of Machiavellians who are known to use their power to promote selfishness and the degradation of others. It’s a dangerous combination that can cause friendships and romantic relationships to end.

The Shadow Palace

After a time skip, Asta and Yuno are able to strengthen their bond. The two were abandoned together and promised to compete against each other to see who would become the Emperor Magus. This is a task that is easier said than done as they fight against Dante Zogratis and Nacht Faust, a devil who purifies other devils and redistributes their power.

A member of the Kira family and the chairman of the Clover Kingdom Magic Parliament, Damnatio is a ruthless man who puts justice above all else. He uses Scale Magic, which allows him to shrink objects and counter all other forms of magic except Anti-Magic.

The Heart Kingdom

After the Dark Triad arc, it's obvious that both Asta and Noelle have a lot of latent potential. But as the show progresses, it also becomes clear that they need to work together as a team. Noelle, who was wiped out by Lucius at the end of the previous arc, now wants to be the Wizard King alongside Asta and is ready for anything.

Yuno, a member of the House Grinberryall, which uses four-leaf clover magic based on celestial bodies, also wants to become the Wizard King. He's the heir to the Wind Magic of the Royal Family and acquired a grimoire that amplifies his power.

He's also a member of the Black Bulls and is one of their strongest members. He specializes in binding devils and has many under his control.

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