Black Clover Episode 160: "The Messenger of the Spade Kingdom"

Manta Ray
January 12, 2021 6:00 PM

Black Clover Episode 160 of anime is coming following this week. The arrangement and there are no breaks or defer this time. The Spade Kingdom wizards will attempt to catch the most grounded sorcery clients in the Clover Kingdom. Asta and Yuno should confront new adversaries in Black Clover Ep 160, and it won't be that simple. Here are more subtleties on Black Clover scene 160 delivery date, spoilers, see and how to watch the anime online with English captions.

Black Clover Episode 160: The title is ""The Messenger of the Spade Kingdom.""

Black Clover Episode 160 Synopsis

Asta and Yuno were deserted as children before a congregation in Rage's town at the line of the Clover Kingdom. The mystery of Yuno's introduction to the world is uncovered! Then, the HQ of the Golden Dawn is enduring an onslaught by the Spade Kingdom's wizards, who abruptly showed up without their evil habit commander, Yuno.

The individuals from the gathering retaliate, yet the adversary's strength is overpowering, as they attempt to catch their chief and take him back to their nation. The Golden Dawn, which should be the most grounded in the Clover Kingdom, is being pursued down.

Black Clover Episode 160 spoilers uncover that it will zero in on the Black Triad: Zenon, Dante and Vanica who are administering the Spade Kingdom and needs to assault the Heart Kingdom. Yami and William may soon find themselves in Turpitude.

Black Clover Episode 160: Release Date

According to the authority anime sources, the Black Clover 160 Release date is set as of Tuesday, January 19, 2021. The new scenes of the Black Clover anime arrangement are circulated each Tuesday, and the anime has continued its regular timetable after the New Year break. Concerning the delivery time, it relies upon the nation and time region where Black Clover episode 160 will come on the portal at 6:25 pm EST, and the remainder of the watchers can change the distinction.

Black Clover Episode 160, can be viewed online on many dedicated stages relying upon your area and administration plan. While some of them contain a couple of seasons, everything depends upon the nation and administration. Here are the best stages to watch online Black Clover scene 160 legitimately.

Some of the portals are, Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeLab, Netflix, Grown-up, Swim, Hulu and DirecTV

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