Black Clover Dorothy Unsworth: How Powerful is she? Can she defeat Morris?

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October 29, 2021 7:00 PM

The next chapter of BC begins with the defeat of Zenon Zogratis. After the loss, Zeno asks him what the difference between the two is. Yuno doesn’t know the answer to this question, but he thinks of Asta and draws similarities with Zeno’s promises to everyone. Soon, Yuno, a member of the Black Bulls roster, including Asta, will join. The night reveals that the ritual is still going on, despite the defeat of the Dark Triad. In the next chapter, we’ll also look at Julius, who feels uncomfortable.

Black Clover in Chapter 311, Dorothy will fight Morris. The latter easily defeats Dorothy and reveals that her Dark Triad is no longer needed for this ritual. Lucifer appears on Morris’s forehead and tells everyone that her second gate is about to open. As soon as that happens, he will come out too. At the end of the chapter, explain that all members of the Black Bulls have arrived at the scene and have come to see Captain Yami.

Is Black Clover Dorothy Unsworth a Witch? Why is she always sleeping?

Dorothy, the captain of the Coral Peacock Squad is a witch. At least it’s like a pointed purple hat she’s wearing, similar to Vanessa’s.

Dorothy is a desirable person for all fans. Not only is she mighty, she most often falls asleep.

Of all the witches we know, Vanessa has the power to change fate and time, but the witch queen seems to be able to create humans (There is no denying that she made all the witches herself).

As her witch herself and her captain on top of her, Dorothy is convinced that she has the overwhelming ability to put her on top. How strong is she? Let’s take a look.


Black Clover Dorothy Unsworth is a witch who left the Witch Forest to become the captain of the Coral Peacock Corps in the Kingdom of Clover. She is also one of Sephira’s ten apostles (elf). Rev. It was also a human hostess.

With the help of the Black Bulls, Dorothy defeats Reeve, and finally, thanks to the magic of Asta and Williams, the elf is sent to the afterlife and takes her forever from Dorothy’s body.

Like her other captains, Dorothy is eccentric in her way. Most, if not always, she is seen sleeping, whether in virtual meetings or combat.

The exact reason is unknown, but it is believed to be due to her type of magic.

Dorothy Unsworth is always sleeping because of the magic of her dreams. Sleep is a related requirement, as their magic is based on goals and a world of dreams.


If you underestimate her because the Coral Peacock captain is always asleep, you will have a challenging ride in front of you.

Black Clover Dorothy Unsworth is one of the top five Magic Night Captains in history. She specializes in the magic of dreams and can express and manipulate the world of dreams.

She has the most potent (hacks boundaries) skills called the Glamor World that anyone could easily capture.


In this fascinating world, Dorothy can create and do whatever she wants to do. Beyond her, she is a god, and anyone who enters her is at the mercy of her.

To fully understand the potential of the dream World, Black Clover Dorothy Unsworth can change her magic type. For example, she can drop a giant teddy bear on the person or a steel building.

There are no restrictions except that Dorothy must be on her own in the dream world. Also, just being in the dream world makes me sleepy, so when I fall asleep, I never wake up.

Even when one of the strongest elves, Reeve, got her body, Dorothy managed to betray her and easily defeat her. It’s hard to imagine someone who isn’t Asta even has a chance to compete with her in a fascinating world.

Dorothy’s dream ability has been hacked, and a considerable amount of mana has been generated, making it impossible to make it into the Top 3 of Magic Night Captains. This is because we didn’t have the opportunity to reach our full potential. Expect the manga to explore her power as a witch and her past.


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