Black Clover Charlotte Roselei: Captain of Blue Rose Squad

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December 28, 2020 6:00 PM

The battlefield is my only lover.- Black Clover Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte Roselei is an Noble of House Roselei and the Clover Kingdom's Blue Rose squad of the Magic Knights commander. She likewise is the human host for the mythical person Charla.

Black Clover Charlotte, is a tall lady with blue eyes and long light hair that is twisted. She typically keeps her hair tied back into a bun, with just a solitary mesh hanging down on the left half of her face. Her magnificence is eminent all through the Clover Kingdom, and she is evaluated as the most excellent lady—when not wearing her protective cap.

Black Clover Charlotte, shows up as a tranquil, cold and numb lady, keeping her feelings controlled and all-around covered up. She is continually appeared to show up as a somewhat harsh lady, despite internally having an internal discourse that always seems to state quiet down, particularly around Yami.

Briar Magic: Charlotte utilizes this wizardry quality to create and control briars. Because of a revile set on her as a youngster, her blue roses are more vulnerable than their unique red structure. These impacts stay even though Yami halted the revile's movement.

Creation Magic: Charlotte utilizes this type of sorcery to make objects made out of briars

Fortification Magic: Charlotte utilizes this type of sorcery to expand her actual capacities.

Immense Magic Power: As an aristocrat and chief of a Magic Knights crew, Charlotte has a gigantic measure of sorcery power. Charlotte holds a portion of the mythical being's sorcery in the wake of being liberated from Charla's ownership.

Black Clover Charlotte, has a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains different briar-based spells. She can bring a briar-like whip from it, which she utilizes with her Briar Magic.

Charlotte has been infatuated with Yami Sukehiro, since the time he saved her from her youth revile. Notwithstanding, she can't speak the truth about it and makes an honest effort to stay quiet about it from everybody

Charlotte thinks about her subordinate Sol and Sol is incredibly defensive of her.

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