Black Clover Chapter 331 Spoilers: Lucius Zogratis, 4th Devil is Revealed.

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May 13, 2022 7:00 PM

Black Clover Chapter 330 Spoilers have arrived. Since there is no break next week, so potentially the next Black Clover Chapter 331 Spoilers might focus more on Adrammelech intention.Many had trusted that there would be a much greater take on after the conflict with Lucifero, however they were painfully disheartened.All things considered, Tabata steers Black Clover Chapter 330 another way, which apparently leaves space for future contentions. While many accept that the Spade Kingdom Raid arc closes here, a portion of the remaining details are yet to be restricted.

Black Clover Chapter 331 Spoilers

The Black Clover Chapter 331 Spoilers Reddit have arrived-Translation by- @nite_baronX#BCSpoilers

  • Chapter Title: "and the time starts to move".
  • Yuno meets his mother Ciel Grinberryall~
  • Ciel: "Yuno...! you really are safe...! you've become so splendid...!" then the Spade simps are asking Yuno if he'll return to Spade to which Yuno says...
  • Asta is happy his mother loved him. He realised it was his mom based on Liebe's memories. (Meanwhile Yuno is giving a speech about all he needs to protect in Clover Kingdom etc. and I'd love to translate it but the chapter is so insane we need to move on).
  • Yuno's speech & Asta's convo with Liebe ends up with the same declaration: I will be the Wizard King.
  • Asta is talking his idealistic ideals about how he'll ensure ppl in Clover know Liebe is a good guy. Middle text says "BLACK CLOVER". We're back to Clover Kingdom. Damnatio, and ... ?
  • Julius says something doesn't add up.... what could IT POSSIBLY BE?
  • "The battle in the spade kingdom ended all right thankfully. But...something does not add up..!!" What possibly he's referring to?
  • " Ever since that time, no from...even earlier on...." Julius has a flahsback. "I have a bad feeliong abot this. What is this inexplicable throbbing?"
  • Suddenly Damnatio enters. I think you all know where this is going from now..... Julius... bad feeling... yaddada.
  • Damnatio enters and he wants gto talk to Julius. "Ever Since the Court trial I have researched the devil-possessed of our country. And there are documents from morevthan 20 years ago based on which...the 3 devils that are said to be the rulers of the underworld...the GRAVITY, one LUCUFERO, also known as Satan, the spatial mage Beelzebub. Megicula is not a Qliphoth devil.
  • Damnatio to Julius: "Please tell me you are not... the devil that has saved our country...."
  • Julius is surprised- "Its Me". "tell me its not you....". "Damnatio the current me is...."
  • "Is what you wanted to hear?"- he was among us all along.
  • Julius is revealed to be the 4th Sibling. Adrammeleche too appears. "Ahh it really turned out the way you said it would...Lucius Zogratis." Lucius Zogratis~~ note: the text technically says "Sogratis", but I assume this is a typo.
  • In the next panel we see, Lucius Zogratis in full view and says- "I'm filled with Time."

Black Clover Chapter 330 Recap

Black Clover Chapter 330 starts with Adrammelech flying up to Lucifero's body and recovering what seems to be the Demon King's heart. Lucifero's body promptly begins to deteriorate as Adrammelech proclaims that this was the thing he was pursuing and takes off.Yuno noticed that everybody, particularly the skippers, is in a critical state, and in a most dire outcome imaginable, they could lose Yami and Nacht. Mimosa shows up before Yuno, however her mana has not been renewed. Grey and Vanessa are out of mana also.

Charlotte Confesses Her Love

Charlotte, in a noticeably harmed state, begs Yami not to pass on and admits her adoration for him. At that point, the Black Bulls show up, and Charmy hands Mimosa the food from her Sheep Cook, which recharges the last's mana.Charlotte confesses her love to Yami, stating that she loves Yami a lot and hope he does not die. Yami was unconscious at that moment, and didn't hear anything. Yani got up and thanked Charlotte for her help.As the chapter closes, Yami gave his sword to Asta, but the sword was already battered and on the verge of breaking. Asta was happy. The Black Bulls reunited, and Nacht wants to live again. The chapter ends.

Black Clover Chapter 331 Raw Scans

Impending, Black Clover Chapter 331 Raw Scans would be out 2-3 days before the actual release, most probably on Thursday. Stay Tuned!

Black Clover Chapter 331 Release Date?

According to reports, stores will store the Black Clover Chapter 331 Release Date on April 22, 2022.

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