Black Clover Chapter 326 Spoilers Reddit: Chapter 326 is titled-"Brothers"

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March 9, 2022 6:00 PM

The previous Chapter of Black Clover showcased why Black Clover is highly rated. The action packed chapter 325 was fervently garnered with Yami taking on Lucifero, with the rookies Yuno and Asta assisting him. The next line of Black Clover Chapter 326 Spoilers Reddit, Leaks would show how Lucifero would recover from this one side rampage.

Black Clover Chapter 326 Spoilers Reddit

The Black Clover Chapter 326 Spoilers Reddit have arrived-

  • Chapter title - Brothers
  • 15 pages including double spread
  • No break next week
  • Chapter starts with narrator saying "Yuno about to fall, an attack to defeat Lucifero ? right or left ? which one you will choose?"
  • Yuno is out cold but he teleports nacht and yami to either side of lucifero right before passing out
  • Nacht and Yami use a new spell "Dopel Ganger"
  • Nacht and Yami get a shadow cloaked version of misteltein katana !
  • But that doesn't do anything
  • Lucifero seemingly grows another pair of arms (?)
  • Lucifero lands fatal blows on both Nacht and Yami (Not official but I think only one of them will get healed)
  • Both of them get knocked out
  • Lucifero proceeds to kill asta
  • Right before he's about to kill Asta, Asta get teleported inside Liebe's soul (I guess? Wild theory but I guess it's the same thing he did with Luck's elf and Patry back then)
  • Inside his thoughts liebe is blaming himself for licita's death
  • He says that it was his fault that Lucifero found him and it killed Licita
  • Liebe is really sad
  • Asta sees everything that happened with liebe and licita
  • Few panels of excellent character development for asta and liebe because Tabata the goat likes being Tabata the goat
  • Asta and Liebe get up to go against Lucifero
  • Asta's uses half body devil union (?) and blocks Lucifero's attack
  • Chapter ends with narrator saying "brothers' ties, signs of a counter-attack"

Black Clover Chapter 326 Raw Scans

The Black Clover Chapter 326 Raw Scans are here-

Black Clover Chapter 325 Recap

To no one's surprise, the raw scans of Black Clover Chapter 325 are incredibly erratic, yet an unpleasant thought can be framed from the boards and the going with spoilers. Yami was highly supported from the start, his katana can't cut Lucifero's new form. Therefore, Asta has two minutes of Devil Union left and chooses Liebe to utilize it.Be that as it may, Asta's Anti-Magic disturbs the Mana Zone mix among Yami and Nacht and debilitates Kid's Playground with the eventual result of latently eradicating it. Indeed, even Yuno can't utilize Conjunction with him and needs to impede an assault on Asta utilizing the Spirit of Boreas.Lucifero moves towards Asta, and Yami and Nacht safeguard him by truly meditating, bringing Yami to get his arm broken. Lucifero smashes Nacht's arms by utilizing Gravity Magic; however, Asta slices the sorcery on schedule to save Nacht's life. Notwithstanding, Lucifero snags his leg and breaks it. then, at that point, moves towards Yami; however, Yuno saves him. He understands that the main two individuals ready to overcome Lucifero are Yami and Asta, yet they are now battling with a messed up arm and a wrecked leg, separately. At last, Yuno chooses to bet on Yami since he has 'Captain Vangeance's blade.'The last panel of Black Clover Chapter 325 shows Lucifero overwhelming Yuno, breaking his wings, crown, and weapon. The part end-note read, “Who will have the last laugh, the angel or the devil?”

What is Black Clover Chapter 326 Release Date?

According to reports, Black Clover Chapter 326 Release Date will be on Sunday, 12 March 2022, in stores.

Where Can I read the Black Clover 326 Chapter?

Black Clover Chapter 326 can be read free of charge on various locales, and here are the authoritative sources that are lawful.VizMangaplus

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