Black Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers Reddit: Yami, Asta and Yuno onto Lucifero!

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March 2, 2022 6:00 PM

The Black Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers Reddit, Leaks are here-Featured Image Credits- @Clover_Kingdom_ and @darckon3

Black Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers Reddit, Leaks, Recap and Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers are here-

Asta has two minutes of union left.So asta anti magic attacks is not compatible with nacht and yami spell since it erases magic. It would just keep chipping away at their spell decreasing it’s range and nacht &yami wouldn’t be able to spring up anywhere in the field by dipping into the shadows.

When asta does union anti magic flows throughout his body and over alittle distance from his body and then it stops like we seen in his fight against nacht and now with some shadow magic erased. Yami arm gets broken and he saves asta. Asta goes to attack luci but misses and luci breaks asta leg and .

Yuno goes to save asta and uses boreas but it gets broken and his form get chipped away as well(some of his form) . Yuno has decided to place his faith in William sword(yami using it) to end lucifero by teleporting him either left or right .


  • I think having Asta's anti magic "disturb" manazones, and spells that require teamwork and synchronization, is a really good touch. It shows that not everything is as easy as you'd think, and that there's actual "consequences" for using Devil Union all willy nilly.
  • Yuno couldn’t follow asta with star magic because luci has space warping covering the area and I guess he can’t really move in that area and teleport in it and yami also outside of it avoiding it as well this situation where things are about to take a turn, it's hard not to see noelles non existence in this fight when yuno came out of a major fight much faster.

Black Clover Chapter 325 Raw Scans

Follow Black Clover Chapter 325 Raw Scans-

Black Clover Chapter 325 Release Date

The next chapter of Black Clover has been delayed; Black Clover Chapter 325 release Date is booked to be delivered on Sunday, March 6, 2022.

Recap of Black Clover Chapter 324

Entering Mana Zone, Yami uses “Dark Magic: Deep Black Blade” and Nacht employments “Demon Union: Canis X Felis” to assault Lucifero. Dark Magic and Shadow enchantment reinforce one another, permitting the Black Bulls’ chief and evil habit commander to consolidate their sorcery.They release “Shadow Magic X Dark Magic: Kid’s Playground.” The raw Scans are indistinct about precisely how the enchanted treats. Nevertheless, it seems to make the whole progress in shadows, from where numerous shadow-officers come out. This consolidated assault is fruitful in hurting Lucifero, giving him a minuscule scar, which shocks Adrammelech.Lucifero is disappointed by the new development and appears dubious of grimoires overall. He enters a more peaceful, compromising state and announces how he will annihilate everything. Yami and Nacht don’t appear to be scared as they plan for the last battle. Asta and Yuno are displayed on the last board of chapter 324, standing one next to the other and prepared to battle at Yami’s order.In the raw scans, the endnotes of chapter 324 express that a fight to no end has started. Yami himself considers it the last battle, demonstrating that the curve is approaching its end. Fans are as yet trusting that Noelle will get back to finish the supposed “Light-Triad.”last page typeset, by “final battle”, Yami means he thinks of Lucifero as the final boss (of this arc)Lucifero admits that humans have the potential to defeat him, then he goes on to some mafia level threatLucifero says he will use “all his power” [to defeat humanity] and his outside appearance clearly changed, but the text does not confirm he’s 100% fully manifested now, therefore it’s up to our interpretation. But based on Yami’s words, he’s probably fully manifested?

Black Clover Chapter 325 Raw Scan

Black Clover Chapter 325 Raw Scans had not been delivered at the hour of composing. These crude outputs ordinarily start to the course on the web three to four days before the authority delivery date. They can be found on Internet people groups, for example, 4chan and Reddit. Accordingly, we guess this week will be accessible on 25th February 2022.

Black Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers Reddit, Leaks, Recap and Release Date

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 325?

Black Clover Chapter 325 has been profoundly anticipated by fans. You might read Black Clover Chapters free of charge on the accompanying manga stages to help the makers:VizMangaplus.

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