Black Clover chapter 274: The Battle Begins

Manta Ray
December 5, 2020 6:00 PM

As the title of new manga Black Clover chapter 274 suggests the utmost nature of the chapter itself.The battle between the Dark Triad and the resistance army of Spade kingdom, equally aided by the magic knights of Clover kingdom have launched a counter attack against the Dark Triad, who has successfully raised up the Demon of Qliphoth to attack the resistance army.

Black Clover chapter 274

Black Clover chapter 274 Summary

As in the last post of my spoilers, I already had mentioned about the advent of a powerful ally who landed a hit on the Dark Triad, I'll tell about it in the last. But before that let's sort things up-

  1. In the first scene, Sally and Rhades were introduced who were super excited on their experiment. With Max praising Sally and tells Nozel that she gets super excited at the mere mention of Asta but when it comes to her experiment, nobody can outsmart her.
  2. While Nacht and Yuno had a conversation about the possibility of Asta's advent, as he was running late.
  3. Nacht discloses that he was a spy in spade kingdom and knows all about resistance army.
  4. The spade kingdom and so-called dad of Yuno, entrust their trust in Nacht.
  5. The resistance army and clover kingdom magic knights attack the territory of Dark Triad but the legendary demon came alive and attacked the army.
  6. Zenon talks about the prospective of Qliphoth and it's possibility of rendering strength from it.
  7. The legendary Demon attacks from all front, with resistance army falling back with no answers whatsoever.
  8. The Big Sister Vermilion was revealed, as she managed to land a hit on the Demon and proclaimed her advent. Her arrival strengthened the army to many fold.

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The next Black Clover chapter 275 is scheduled to come out on 13th December, with no break in between.

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