Black Clover chapter 273: Day of Destiny

Manta Ray
November 30, 2020 6:00 PM

"Black Clover chapter 273 The latest Black Clover chapter 273 is out now and there is no stopping for this phenomenal manga series, which is on a spree. In the last post of Black Clover chapter 273 spoilers I talked about some of the prospects and finally the happenings and insights about the chapter is in light. Back at the Spade Kingdom, Zenon enters an area where Morris is found. He asks if Dante are going to be okay. Morris tells him that he will fix him up, which he is going to be stronger than ever. Morris mentions how he was run out of the Diamond Kingdom by Mars, but is grateful to finish up within the Spade Kingdom. As he's healing, Dante cares about how he cannot wait to fight Asta again. Zenon asks if Morris has neglected any of the opposite preparations. Morris tells him everything goes perfectly while watching a creature with Lotus. Lotus cares how bad things are as Yami and William lay encased on graves inside a circle.

Meanwhile, Asta and Liebe are the beginning of their union. Nacht cares how their union erased his magic and mana zone despite not getting hit by their attacks. He tells them that he loses. Asta says they ought to hurry up and join others, but Nacht tells him no. Confused, Asta asks why as he and Liebe formed a devil union. Nacht explains that they only use their devil union form for a flash and haven't mastered it. He says they might die in enemy territory in their current condition. Nacht tells Asta how he watched the Black Bulls using his Shadow Magic. He tells him that albeit he was born without magic and got possessed by a devil, he was always right. Nacht says he would really like people who are always right to be rewarded. Before leaving, he says he will leave Gimodelo with them to assist train them.

He goes on by saying they're going to do their best they will fighting within the Spade Kingdom before Asta and Liebe arrive. He tells them to shine up and join them. Shaking, Gimodelo says he will die if he gets hit by Asta and Liebe's union attack. In the Clover Kingdom, the Magic Knights getting to the Spade Kingdom are preparing to go away."

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