Black Clover 276 summary: Boreas

Manta Ray
December 18, 2020 6:00 PM

"The latest chapter black clover 276 is out on some of the manga portals, before coming out officially on the platform. So without wasting any time further I'm here to narrate Black Clover 276 Summary-Black Clover 276 SummaryThe chapter opens with Zenon approaching the furst team of the magical knights, comprised of Yuno and the vice captain of Golden Dawn, Langris. After the encounter with the Midnight, it was the first time that Langris is on a mission with Yuno and has become more powerful in recent days of training. As Nacht earlier laid down the plane and succinct him about the plan, he also has filled in the power of Zenon, who uses overwhelming solidity and regeneration magic, with his spatial magic.

Further in Black Clover 276, Yuno knew that all the physical attacks that he inflicts on Zenon are pointless in front of Zenon ability but he has planned some major plans up his sleeves. Zenon taunts Langris and Yuno, saying that Langris would have been the strongest spatial magic user, if not for him. Langris replied back that he has never seen a dawg talk like that. \

In Black Clover 276 summary, Langris further told him that he had to be here, due to all the things that happened in the past. He need to take their captain back with them. Yuno called his spirit, who criticised Zenon and told him that this time she'll rip him off as they dived in the spirit dive. Zenon wasn't worried until the Ace of Yuno came forth. The spirit dived in a new form and bring forth the power of ""Boreas"", intimidating even Zenon himself, who was little shocked and sensitive on the amount of magic and familiarity.

Yuno attacks Zenon with new magic. The chapter ends. The Black clover 276 summary end here. No break next week."

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