Black Clover 276 spoiler :Why do you think Langris Black Clover is the way he is?

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December 16, 2020 6:00 PM

"In last chapter we saw Yuno training with Langris and in recent Black Clover 276 spoiler we saw him fighting side by side with Yuno and there are further prospects, But Langris, wasn't this easy-going always as he's known for his brashness in Black Clover universe.Black Clover 276 spoiler: Langris and his Escapade

Langris Black Clover is raised by two people who use their kids more as a means of improving their own reputation than because they actually want children or family.

They just want “honour†for the house of Vaude…

And if he wants their approval, then that’s what he needs to do. He needs to fix their reputation, even if it means ditching his brother, sentiment, or any bonds he might make.

They are proud, seeing themselves as the best and this rubs off on Langris, but also means that Langris’ would likely often have to ignore other people’s views and focus only on his parents to make them proud.

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They were two of the most important people in his life, being his parents, of course their opinions would matter to him. Since he had powerful magic, with which his parents were impressed, he earned their approval, which would to him have been a replacement for the affection most children crave. It is also from them that he likely learned his opinion on weakness and an inability to use magic offensively as being wrong.

To earn their approval, he agreed with everything they wanted, did and said, to remain the liked child.

Many children crave attention, it is natural for their survival, but Langris Black Clover, probably felt this to an extreme possibly because other people disregarded him and even disliked him, vocalizing their opinions when he was around.

He probably quickly decided he only wanted positive attention, so he learned to be relatively charming on the outside, but his insecurity, hatred and the words he’d been told by his parents as a child made him despise the people around him, wanting to be above them because of it, and especially above Finral of black bulls because he was beloved by them.

Black Clover 276 spoiler: Langris and Midnight of the third Eye

These emotions might have been enhanced by the hatred that the elf within him felt. Though not awake, Patri might have still influenced Langris’ emotions all the same and his way of thinking, just as in the Light Novel’s Patri’s emotions are said to do to William’s.

Even in the anime and manga it is suggested that William felt Patri’s emotions even before he awakened, maybe even before the dreams/nightmares began and it is possible that Langris Black Clover, might have experienced something similar, but I can’t say this for sure because he really hasn’t gotten that much screen time.

It’s possible that Langris’ possession was made more obvious because of his damaged mental state, resulting in the forbidden magic being able to take over, further enhancing his rage when his dislike for Finral born out of his inferiority and his overconfidence and blindness brought by his parents opinions of him which fed his ego were at their highest.

And of course, Langris also made some choices. Not right ones, no, but he certainly believed that they justified, even if they weren’t. Because in his mind they would have been justified by his parents and those were the only opinions that counted because they were the only people who spoke of him positively.

Langris Black Clover, feelings of inferiority were “helped†(not really), by the opinions of the two, and his feelings of superiority were fed by their confidence in him and what he did. He felt justified in his actions because he probably didn’t want to be wrong - no one does -, he didn’t want to be hated so he just ignored any negative comments and constructive criticism in the favour of his parents’ praise… it’s easier to accept compliments than criticism.

It’s clear that he’s a proud person, who is confident on the outside, and seems relatively calm, but underneath that exterior, well… but it was also clear from the manga and anime that there was something wrong with him and not in the typical way, there was something almost demonic about him - I mean, right before he attacks Finral the way he does… he acts just like the Third Eye and Patri. At their most broken those under the influence of forbidden magic go all out and crazy.

We can see further exploits of Langris in Black Clover 276 spoiler.

Black Clover 276: Release date

The next Black Clover chapter 276 will be out this Sunday, while more of Black Clover 276 spoiler would be out. Also Read: Black clover chapter 276 [/read_more]"

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