Black Clover: 10 Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover

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January 28, 2021 6:00 PM

Black Clover: 10 Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover

The universe of Black Clover rotates around enchantment. Indeed, even separation among individuals is because of the measure of enchantment power they have. Sovereignties have the most special sorcery forces and ordinary citizens from the spurned domain are supposed to be the filth of the nation with unimportant enchantment powers.

The strength of an individual isn't just subject to the measure of Magic Power they are brought into the world with yet, besides, the sort of Magic Attribution they have. Some Magic Types might be profoundly compelling towards others and the other way around. Given all that, here are the ten most grounded Magic Types in the realm of Black Clover.


Light Magic is the quickest Magic Type in the realm of Black Clover. Light Magic is utilized by the First Wizard King, Leader of Midnight Sun Patri and the King of the Clover Kingdom. Given how stable the wizardry type is, two of the three known clients of Light Magic have four-leaf Grimoire.

Utilizing Light Magic, the client can make weapons as they want like blades and whips. Likewise, the weapons made by the light sorcery can be extended to go at a similar speed as the other light enchantment spells, making it one of the most grounded Magic Type in Black Clover. It is one of the Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover.


Dream Magic is the Magic Attribute utilized by Dorothy Unsworth, the Magic Knight-Captain of Coral Peacock Squad. The client of this sorcery can make a fog-like substance which, when moved by, anybody can move them to a fantasy world called the Glamor World. Inside the Glamor World, the client resembles a God who can rejuvenate anything they envision.

Utilizing Dream Magic, the Elf having Dorothy had the option to overwhelm a portion of the Black Bulls caught inside handily. It was merely because of the impedance of genuine Dorothy that the Black Bulls had the opportunity to be liberated from the spell.


Gravity Magic was uncovered a lot later than other Magic Type in this rundown. Dante of the Spade Kingdom utilizes gravity Magic. This enchantment type permits the client to control the power of gravity at their will. Using this enchantment, Dante had the option to lift the entire Black Bulls base noticeably all around with little bother.

Later Dante handily vanquished the whole Black Bulls present at the scene. The frightening intensity of Gravity enchantment can be seen by the spells like Presence Of Demon King which can make tremendous gravitational weight delivering individuals in reach stable.


Fixing Magic is utilized by the right hand of the First Wizard King, Secre Swallowtail. The client of this sorcery can open and seal objects and different wizardries. Fixing Magic is an exceptional Magic Type that had the option to flabbergast even the First Wizard King.

From the outset, the enchantment appears underpowered, yet with enough aptitude and interest, Sealing Magic can transform into one of the most flexible Magic Type on the planet. Utilizing this wizardry, Sacre had the option to seal wounds and even the body of the wizard ruler keeping him from passing on for quite a long time. It is one of the Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover.


String Magic permits its client to make and control strings freely. Venessa of the Black Bulls has this Magic Attribute and uses it adequately. The rows created by this sorcery are indistinguishable and can be utilized with extraordinary precision. String Magic can likewise be, used to seal up injuries and backing broken bones.

Be that as it may, the most impressive spell of Thread Magic is the Red Thread Of Fate. Utilizing this spell client can make a feline that can change destiny itself to suit the client and the individuals who they care for.


Dull Magic is an interesting Magic kind of the Black Bulls chief himself, Yami Sukehiro. Dim Magic is known as the total inverse of Light Magic. Faint Magic permits its client to make and control dimness. Instead of light Magic, dim enchantment is moderate and requires a lot of time to project spells.

In any case, this shortcoming of the sorcery can be overwhelmed by the ability and strength of its client. Yami utilizes this enchantment with his katana to beat its cutoff points. Dark sorcery and assimilate different sorts of Magic and is one of just two realized enchantment types to influence Demon Magic.


Blood Magic is a hazardous Magic Type that can produce and control blood. The Queen of the Witches utilizes it. With Blood Magic, she can handle any individual who she had recently used her sorcery.

Utilizing this method, she can control Asta's body and his Anti-Magic. Aside from this, there are other similarly risky spells like Blood-Spattered Execution Ground, which traps everybody in an execution ground. The maximum capacity of this enchantment isn't seen. However, Blood Magic unquestionably is one of the most grounded Magic Type. It is one of the Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover.

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Kotodama Magic or Word Magic is the sorcery utilized by the principal opponent of the Elf Reincarnation Arc. The client of this sorcery was Zagreb, one of the high-level Devil. The client of Kotodama Magic can make both physical, and enchantment protests state saying its name.

The restrictions of this force are not known however utilizing this sorcery, Zagreb without any help overwhelmed the Elf Leafer and the First Wizard King alongside other Magic Knights. Just Dark Magic and Anti-Magic are believed to have any impact on this sorcery. Because of this, Kotodama Magic is madly incredible.


The last two Magic Types in this rundown are ground-breaking as well as madly overwhelmed. Hostile to Magic is precisely what the name proposes, the enchantment which counteracts any different Magics. It is utilized by the hero of arrangement and a colossal muscle head, Asta.

Hostile to Magic is the enchantment of a fiend having Asta's five-leaf Grimoire. Consolidating with the blade enchantment, Asta can disregard or mirror any sorcery tossed at him. On the off chance that the client of this enchantment is sufficiently gifted, he/she can overwhelm anybody in the realm of Black Clover.


Time Magic is ostensibly single most overwhelmed Magic Type in entire Black Clover arrangement. As of now, Time Magic is utilized by the Wizard King Julius Novachrono. Using Time Magic, he can slow, secure and stop the progression of time.

Time wizardries likewise permit the client to take and store time from others, which can later be utilized as the client sees fit. Utilizing one of the developments of Lumiere and Sacre, Julius was even ready to store this time in a sorcery thing which he later used to resurrect himself. Given how helpful and adaptable, the control of time is, other wizardry types don't have a potential for success against a Time Magic client in a one on one battle. It is one of the Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover.

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