Black Clover: 10 Saddest Things About Asta in the Series

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December 2, 2021 6:00 PM

All through his excursion to turning into a Magic Knight and the rescuer of the Clover Kingdom, Saddest Things About Asta, has experienced various physical and passionate deterrents.

He has needed to confront endless miscreants that would have made even not settled warriors surrender and quit, all while managing monstrous prevalent difficulty and inward unrest over his way of life as a non-enchantment client in a world represented by wizardry.

Each new disclosure about Asta’s history has just further unscored the sheer size of the injury he has needed to suffer, and there stays the chance of additional tragedy not too far off for Asta as he and the Magic Knights start to confront the startling danger presented by the evil spirit improved mages of the Spade Kingdom.


Asta and Yuno were both deserted as children on the means of the congregation in Hage. Since he was abandoned at a remarkably young age, Asta grows up with no information about the personalities of his folks. While he comes to consider Yuno and different vagrants his actual family, he faces scorn and disgrace for being raised as a vagrant.

When Asta is at the function here, he and Yuno are set to accept their grimoires. He is publically disgraced for his low-conceived status, just as his absence of magic. Asta’s status as a vagrant is one that he figures out how to wear as a symbol of honour, yet in the beginning phases of his excursion, it causes him normal, passionate pressure. One of the Saddest Things About Asta.

Black Clover: 10 Saddest Things About Asta


The universe of Black Clover is represented by enchantment, with those employing the most impressive sorcery procuring the title of Nobles and guaranteeing esteem and fortune. Accordingly, Asta’s finished absence of magic would make him question himself and his capacities.

From the whole first scene, it was evident that Asta’s failure to employ enchantment was his single most prominent reason for the trouble. As a youngster, he accepted that he would one day have the option to utilize sorcery, regardless of whether he was unable to use it as adequately as Yuno. While he ultimately procured his grimoire and is gigantically solid truly, he longs to have the option to use magic like every other person.

Black Clover: 10 Saddest Things About Asta


Asta has consistently battled to make companions. Since he was a vagrant, others derided him for his unpleasant character, low-conceived status, and absence of sorcery. While different vagrants could be thoughtful to him now and again, they all took it in to make fun he had always wanted and lack of capacity.

As a result, Asta frequently invested energy alone as a youngster, preparing in the woods to expand his actual strength and endurance and subsequently passed up numerous chances to be a child. Yuno, who Asta concedes is his dearest companion, is additionally his boss if not his most grounded rival, and as such, their relationship is full of absolute pressure. One of the Saddest Things About Asta.

Black Clover: 10 Saddest Things About Asta


From early on, Asta figured out how to overcompensate for his humble status and absence of sorcery by trying sincerely and never withdrawing from a test, even one that he would lose. His hard-working attitude and self-question drove him to become determined to the place of fixation and to dismiss the assessments and reactions of others.

Regardless of his persistent effort, nobody seriously views him because of his absence of enchantment. When Asta passed on his objective of turning into the Magic Emperor during the Magic Knights placement test, different examinees scorned him. Indeed, even Sister Lily and Father Orsi habitually made light of his desires and seldom offered him any genuine consolation as he ran after his fantasy. One of the Saddest Things About Asta.

Black Clover: 10 Saddest Things About Asta


While Asta is typically merry, he is likewise rather clearly and unpleasant. These character attributes have prompted people around him continually yell at him to quiet down, especially his colleague, Noelle, and the chief of the Black Bulls, Yami Sukehiro. Asta fostered a feeling of mockery to shield himself from deride and giggling at himself.

Yet, in any event, when he is simply acting naturally, he is habitually reproached by foes and companions the same. He is unpleasant because he continually battles with his inward evil presences to substantiate himself. However, it sets aside effort for others to comprehend this regarding him and prompts him to acquire their fury. One of the Saddest Things About Asta.



Nothing comes effectively for Asta. In contrast to Yuno, who is excellent at all that he does, Asta needs to accomplish even a minor measure of achievement. Asta places in long stretches of tiring work to foster his body however is consistently unable to overcome Yuno in a duel.

As often as possible, Commander Yami requires Asta to substantiate himself in a progression of progressively troublesome difficulties. Indeed, even in triumph, Asta frequently endures significantly, for example, when he crushed Vetto to lose the utilization of his arms. He battles to acquire acknowledgement as a Magic Knight who can’t utilize sorcery. He doesn’t procure similar regard as less incredible knights despite his achievements.



Since he was a child, Asta has been fascinated with Sister Lily, the pious devotee appointed to the congregation in Hage. He doesn’t stop for a second to announce his undying dedication to her despite her status as a religious woman making their association exceptionally far-fetched. However, Sister Lily is irritated by his advances and regularly beats him into the ground with her Water Creation Magic: Holy Fist of Love.

Yuno says it out-manoeuvres when he tells Asta is “short, clearly, repulsive, and juvenile, which largely attributes that ladies see as ugly.” Meanwhile, Mimosa and Noelle, both charmed by Asta, stand by quietly in the wings. However, Asta is ignorant regarding their cravings. One of the Saddest Things About Asta.



Asta’s mom, Licita, was a mage whose power permitted her to ingest others and animals’ magic and lifeforce actively. Because she failed to control this power, Licita deserted Asta when he was a baby. Incidentally, this ended up being a pointless signal, as Asta was brought into the world with no magic.

Shockingly, Asta never finds the opportunity to rejoin with his mom, as she kicks the bucket appallingly, saving Satan Liebe from Lucifero. Her penance is the motivation behind why Asta acquires the five-leaf grimoire and is moved by Liebe, and like this, she lives on through Asta and Liebe.


While the personality of Asta’s mom, Licita, is in the end uncovered through his contact with Satan, Liebe, the character of his dad, stays a secret. Fan speculations flourish regarding Asta’s dad, from the Magic Scholar, Morris, to the Dark Triad part, Dante Zogratis. A few fans have even ventured to such an extreme as to recommend more vile starting points of Asta’s heredity, theorizing that Asta’s dad might be a villain.

The reality behind the personality of Asta’s dad is one of the last extraordinary uncovers yet to happen in Black Clover, and regardless of how it works out, given Asta’s karma, fans might cry more than a couple of tears when and assuming Asta’s dad spreads the word about his essence. One of the Saddest Things About Asta.


Everybody in Asta’s nearby circle has advised him to abandon his fantasy from the principal scene. Regardless of the chances stacked against him, Asta keeps driving himself to get more grounded. While tirelessness is an excellent attribute, Asta’s fixation on turning into the Wizard King regularly places his body and brain at risk. When he loses the utilization of his arms, he slips into a discouraged state of mind.

He persuades himself that he won’t ever be discouraged again. However, that is more difficult than one might expect. His temperament sways among bright and miserable, and his touchiness regularly gives a false representation of his profound sensations of uncertainty.


One of only a handful of amazing things that keep Asta going is his craving to outperform Yuno, and it is almost guaranteed that without their contention, he would have surrendered quite a while in the past.

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