Black Clover: 10 Most Powerful Characters Who Are Not Captains.

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January 3, 2022 6:00 PM

In Black Clover, whether they be a member of the Black Bulls or now no longer a magic knight at all, it’s approximately time Black Clover’s non-captains obtained greater recognition.

Black Clover has a number of the maximum well-written and enjoyable characters in all anime. In phrases in their magic (or anti-magic) abilities, a number of the most potent and maximum over-powered characters show up to be Magic Knight squad captains; after all, they did not simply earn the ones titles for nothing.

However, what approximately the ones different characters in lower-ranked positions, or maybe folks that do not maintain any role of rank at all? Where do they stack up in opposition to one another? There are pretty loads to pick out from, however upon nearer exam and via way of means of cautious evaluation in their magic usage, the solutions can also additionally (or can also now no longer) wonder some.


Regarding solid female heroes in anime, Noelle sets an optimal model. As a relative of an illustrious bloodline, Noelle was gifted with immense power. However, figuring out how to control it was another story. While she attempted to keep up with control of her water sorcery toward the beginning of the series, she’s shown massive improvement over its movement.

Her Valkyrie protective layer offers her sped up and portability, while her Sea Dragon’s Roar spell is sufficiently strong to obliterate any guarded magic from any rival. She is preparing under Lolopechka of the Heart Kingdom and seen during their fight against Dark Triad member Vanica.

Her abilities are more prominent than any time in recent memory. Notwithstanding her headways, in any case, she has a considerable amount left to learn before she can even be viewed as on equivalent balance with her crew chief sibling, Nozel.

Black Clover: 10 Most Powerful Characters Who Are Not Captains.


This sensitive and unruly scoundrel loves to fight, and battle and the strength of his sorcery shows precisely the amount he loves to practice it. Luck is also very wise and versatile in a fight alongside his unrivalled coordination abilities and rapid coming about because of his lightning magic.

The time the mythical being moved his body, Lufulu developed his expertise further, holding a portion of the legendary person’s capacities. His new time at the Heart Kingdom has reinforced his power considerably further, with his mana strategy strong enough for him to try and go through an adversary’s body, as found in his battle against Dark Disciple Svenkin.

Black Clover: 10 Most Powerful Characters Who Are Not Captains.


A stranded wonder from Hage town became Golden Dawn member, and co-Vice Captain, Yuno has come a seriously long way since the primary episode. While his wind sorcery was at that point extraordinarily solid before joining the Golden Dawn, his power expanded after tracking down the soul of Sylph.

With Sylph (whom he alludes to as “Ringer”) drifting close by, they use their joined powers to evoke the absolute most great spells at any point shown in the series, like Sylph’s Breath and Spirit Dive. While it’s been questionable who has the high ground in the competition among Asta and Yuno, certain new advancements might have put Asta only above and beyond.

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Black Clover: 10 Most Powerful Characters Who Are Not Captains.


He might not have enchantment, however, with the assistance of Satan Liebe living in his grimoire, Asta’s hostile to wizardry capacities give him a significant novel benefit against any adversary who dares to go head to head against him.

When even Yami, one of the most impressive crew commanders, calls upon Asta for help with battling a Dark Triad part, it’s reasonable he’s a warrior to keep in mind. It’s additionally on account of Yami that he likewise has another valuable ability: Ki discovery. Given his new time at the Heart Kingdom, has his actual strength expanded essentially; however, the agreement shaped with Liebe makes sure to build Asta’s fallen angel power, evil presence structure, and against enchantment too.

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With her utilization of cotton sorcery, and her food enchantment taking care of her voracious craving, Charmy’s mana has been incredibly kind to her. She may not appear as though it, however underneath her cute chibi outside lies an undeniably more destructive power no other sorcery knight might coordinate against.

An incredibly uncommon half and half being with antiquated bantam blood flowing through her veins, she’s even ready to devour the mana of others to additional improve her own to a great level. With her monster wolf structure, in any event, figuring out how to scare and overcome a Lira-had Rill and at first bring down Dark Disciple Halbet, it’s conceivable that she may very well be the most grounded non-Captain enchantment knight in the whole Clover realm. She’s additionally won essentially every battle she’s consistently been in, which isn’t something that simply some other person in the series can say.



Before there was the Clover Kingdom, there were fallen angels. Dwelling in the hidden world, they’re the actual embodiment of wickedness, who will remain determined to carry agony and wretchedness to the world above them. These are the animals answerable for Asta’s hostility to sorcery and the staggering force of the Dark Triad.

While unquestionably dangerous and deserving of being viewed as one of the most remarkable scoundrels in anime, they’re not as an imposing danger all alone, with Asta’s against sorcery ready to annihilate high-positioning villains like Zagred and low-positioning demons being simpler to kill, just requiring a few enormous hits of mana to do as such.

In any case, by joining their power with an accomplished mage, their ownership frames a scary unit of dangerous enchanted ability that not even the most experienced of wizardry clients can overcome alone.


The Queen of the Heart realm, Lolopechka, utilizes her water sorcery to review and secure her property and its kin. Her attitude might be awkward, yet her enchantment is extraordinary. Her mana zone covers her whole realm, giving her an all-knowing feeling of everything happening inside it.

She also has the water soul Undine next to her to upgrade and project strong spells like Ludic Sanctuary. While she still can’t seem to show her actual strength in a fight, because of her absence of battling experience and information on assault spells, the power she has demonstrated incredible undiscovered potential for such a circumstance.



One of the more serenely scary and irredeemable villain found in Black Clover, the Witch Queen has hundreds of years of involvement and information on her blood enchantment, which she uses to control her casualties like manikins.

At a certain point, when she had assumed responsibility for Asta trying to kill Vanessa’s squad mates, she appeared to be difficult to overcome. The strength of her power even permits her to project different undeniable level wizardry spells later on another, spending barely any of her mana all the while.

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While his present high school emphasis presents a couple of issues, Julius‘ past grown-up structure was surely a power never to be dealt with. Having time wizardry, controlling enchantment, and even changing sorcery available to him, there are a few clear reasons concerning why he turned into the Wizard King.

He’s shown the strength of his power previously, as found in his fight with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Although he lost and was killed battling a Patolli-had William Vangeance, fans have contended that the main justification behind that was his not utilizing his full power, trying to try not to kill him. He’s a strong wizard and solid pioneer with a colossal measure of force, yet he’s nothing contrasted with what preceded him.


The man, the fantasy, the legend: the first Wizard King. A mystical wonder naturally introduced to a regal family, Lemiel (or Lumiere in the English form) had a lot of supernatural information and mana strength even at a younger age.

Regardless of his debilitated, stirred state in the wake of being brought back by Nero, recently returned from her bird form, he figured out how to have a pivotal impact in finishing the Elf clan’s assault on the Clover Kingdom. While he was tragically not long for his reality, almost biting the dust after saving it the initial time and giving his life to save it for the second, it’s memorable essential that this is likewise the one who without any assistance crushed a goliath devil with his light magic.


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