Black Clover: 10 Most Destructive Flame Magic Spells, Ranked

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October 26, 2021 7:00 PM

Black Clover is home to a multitude of powerful wizards who have potent magical properties. One of these metaphysical attributes is the Flame Magic. Many magicians in the Clover Kingdom possess this magic, and they have all equipped their grimoires with different flame magic spells that serve other purposes.Flame Magic has many uses, either to heal or to defend against an attack. Although it can be used for a variety of purposes, the focus, for now, is on powerful attack-based flame magic spells.

10 Flame Magic: Calidus Brachium

Flame Magic: Calidus Brachium

Calidus Brachium in Latin means "fist of fire", and Mareoleona lives up to its meaning. She condenses a lot of fire magic around her fists and uses them to land decisive blows at her target. She uses this spell in conjunction with fistfights, as she is more of a fighter than an average mage.This makes her blows even more deadly so that she can break spells. This is her main fighting style, and it works most of the time.Also Read: ONE PIECE: 10 STRONGEST WEAPONS IN ONE PIECE, RANKED

9 Flame Magic: Profound spiral flames Black Clover, Leopold Vermillion primarily uses spiral flame spells. After the time jump, it is clear that Leo has become more powerful and has even acquired new bits. Profound Spiral Flames is a spell he developed while mastering the Heart Kingdom mana method.He can cast this powerful spell that, unlike his normal double spiral flames, creates three columns of fire that shoot at the enemy at high speed.

8 Flame Creation Magic: Leo Rugiens is a powerful spell used by Captain Fuegoleon Vermillion. As of the appearance of this spell, it is evident that the Flame Mage must have an enormous amount of mana.When the user casts it, he creates a giant lion from the flames. This lion then attacks the enemy, breathing fire with tremendous force and burning it until ashes remain.Also Read: BLACK CLOVER: THINGS THAT FANS DON’T KNOW ABOUT MEREOLEONA VERMILLION

7 Flame Magic: Sol Linea

Flame Magic: Sol Linea

This spell may seem like just a soft beam of light, but it is one of the most potent flame spells for a good reason. It is like compressing fire into a fine point.This light beam is fired at a specific target or even multiple targets and sets them on fire immediately. Of course, it takes a lot of magic power and a lot of focus to pull it off, but Captain Fuegoleon Vermillion makes it look so easy.

6 Flame Spirit Magic: Salamander's Breathe

Flame Spirit Magic: Salamander's Breathe

This spell is cast by a person in control of the Fire Spirit Salamander. Having the greatest offensive strength of the four great spirits means that all of Salamander's attacks are pretty devastating.To work it, the user resorts to the support of the ghost, which in turn unleashes a violent attack from its mouth to incinerate the enemy. The flames are fierce and can destroy their target in mere moments.Also Read: WHAT ARE THE TOP 10 ANIME POWERS?

5 Flame Magic — Mana Zone: Calidus Brachium Barrage spell is a devastating one indeed. To properly cast it, the user must first draw on the power of the Mana Zone technique. By doing so, they can unleash a barrage of Calidus Brachium continuously until the target disintegrates.This spell is a speciality of Mareoleona, one of the most excellent Mana Zone users in all of Black Clover. Thanks to her massive amount of mana, as well as her great control over him, Mareoleona can perform this spell with ease.

4 Flame Magic: Hellfire


This spell increases the physical abilities of its user and makes him ridiculously powerful. Therefore, it is very suitable for magicians who use magic in conjunction with physical combat.Upon casting, the user draws enormous amounts of fire magic into their body. This makes its body glow until the wearer is more like fire. With his enhanced physical abilities, the user can deal devastating damage to any opponent.

3 True Flame Magic: Crimson Eruption


After training in the Heart Realm, Leopold Vermillion learned to use the power of True Flame Magic. However, before doing so, he first creates a massive array using the Mana method.From this massive circle, create an enormous column of fire that destroys everything in it. Even the people of the Heart Realm were shocked to see it, as they had never seen such a large arrangement.Also Read: ONE PIECE: 10 SHONEN ANIME THE STRAW HATS SHOULD CROSSOVER WITH

2 Flame Magic: Calidus Brachium Purgatory


Mereoleona Vermillion uses some of Black Clover's most powerful spells, which is devastating in particular. He was first seen during the elven reincarnation arc when he used it against various knights possessed by eleven. He first unleashes her mana zone to the max, and that in itself does some damage to anything that gets too close to it.Next, he fills the entire area with flame magic, which turns everything around him to ash. This is a potent spell that is reserved for extreme cases.

1 Mana Zone Full Release: Flame Magic: Calidus Brachium Purgatory: Abyss

Mana Zone Full Release: Flame Magic: Calidus Brachium Purgatory: Abyss

Exclusive to Mereoleona Vermillion, this spell is the most devastating Flame Magic attack spell in Black Clover. First, he absorbs a large amount of fire magic, ultimately unleashing his mana zone and controlling all mana in the area.Back then, as "Calidus Brachium."

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