Big One Piece News Announcement: New Comic, Cast and Much More

Manta Ray
March 27, 2022 7:00 PM

Significant One Piece News Announcement are set to show up on March 28, Monday which is “TODAY”, for One Piece, and the trailer prods that dark days are ahead. However, everybody is energized and interested in what the significant assertions would be delivered. Unfortunately, the show didn't have a board during Anime Japan 2022, and the clasp appears genuinely enigmatic.

One Piece New Announcement to Reveal Some Important Updates

In official Twitter page of One Piece, a clasp and a One Piece News Announcement details were dropped for the series showing the staff behind the cherished anime acting messily, as though in alarm, and a similar post, a YouTube interface is joined for an upcoming live stream where it is expected that anything significant declaration would be made, it is going to something enormous, potentially associated with the eventual fate of the Straw Hats.

Big One Piece News Announcement

The Big One Piece News Announcement is here-

  • Volume 102 of the comic is a big success on both wings!
  • Zoro and Sanji each collide with the big signboard of the Beasts Pirates It will be released next week on April 4th (Monday)!
  • "ONE PIECE magazine Vol.14" will be released next week on April 5th (Tuesday)! !!
  • The cover comic "Nami vs. Califa" by Dr. Boichi is posted on all 50 pages! The beginning is released for the first time.

  • Live-action drama additional cast announcement ③ ◆ Shanks role / PETER GADIOT (Peter Gadiot)

  • Here're the illustrations of the exciting new ONE PIECE Card Game! The illustrations in this TCG feature art from the manga, anime, and also other illustrators!

  • Here's a new visual of a mysterious girl from the movie ONE PIECE FILM RED, opening 8/6 in Japan!! *International release date announcements to follow.


  • "Akasaya Nine Men" are all stepping on the Ichiban Kuji! All 2 bullets will be sold exclusively at "Straw Hat Store Online" !
  • Finally the Netflix is up with the Trailer

Updates on One Piece Anime

As of late, the One Piece series got a prohibition on its transmission after the hacking outrage of Toei Animation. Notwithstanding, the establishment is keeping its being a fan very much taken care of with all news reports on the film's forthcoming film, One Piece: Red. As of late, new representations from Oda were uncovered to the fans, raising a lot of promotion among them. The One Piece establishment ceaselessly acquires new and steaming happy for its fans to appreciate.The idea of both declarations isn't uncovered. Notwithstanding, we anticipate looking into these declarations. Shonen Jump #18 delivery date is 2 April 2022. With the season changing to Spring, we expect that more delicious declarations should advance toward the fans from the establishment, mainly after Oda has made promising cases to fans worth anticipating.

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