Attack on Titan - Things Everyone Expects to Change in Anime Original Ending

In the anime-original ending, Eren is the leader of the New Eldian Empire. He is the final holder of the Founding Titan and the only one who can activate the Rumbling. Hopefully, his death will end the cycle of hate.

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January 26, 2023 6:00 PM

In this article we'll discuss some of the things that everyone expects to change in the original ending of Attack on Titan. We'll talk about what happens with the Rumbling, the Survey Corps and even the Eldian Empire.

The Rumbling completed

The original ending to Attack on Titan was pretty divisive. Fans were split between a "death" of the survey corps, Eren's life, and the destruction of Paradis. Some were also disappointed with the finale's anti-climax. But MAPPA might have played safe with their final episode. This is because the series' main plot was wrapped up in just 87 episodes.

After The Rumbling is completed, the Survey Corps tries to fight back against Eren. Zeke Yeager, a half-brother of Eren, is shown to be alive, although he has some of the characteristics of sentience. He may have merged with Eren in the Paths reality or at the very least, has become an aspect of Eren's consciousness.

As the Survey Corps tries to thwart Eren's plans, a new alliance is formed. It includes both the Survey Corps and Eldian Avengers. They form a plan to stop Eren from completing The Rumbling.

Eren's final plan is to use his Founding Titan power to wipe out the world. Armin and Jean are able to stop Eren from completing his plan by battling him. However, Eren is unable to stop the Survey Corps from killing him. Eventually, Eren is decapitated by Mikasa.

Even Lives

The anime ending of Attack on Titan is controversial. Some fans say it was rushed and poorly written. Others claim it was a complete betrayal of the original manga ending.

While Eren's final moments are retconned in the anime, he still achieves his goal of living without walls. Despite his success, he is forced to live under the shadow of his former self.

This may be a hint that Eren's story is not over yet. It is also a possibility that the Endgame of Attack on Titan will include multiple timelines. However, the studio would have to make it earth shattering in order to make it work.

Regardless of the differences, the attack on titan ending could be different than the manga. In addition, the creator of the manga, Isayama, has been criticized for creating fascist subtext in the series.

One of the first changes in the ending is Eren's jacket color. Originally, his jacket was green, but in the anime it became black. Whether it's an intentional change or not, the color of Eren's jacket in the anime could represent time loops.

Eren is seen as a villain in the manga. In the anime, Eren is a hero. He is trying to break out of the time loop.

Survey Corps dies

Attack on Titan anime ends with the destruction of Paradis, but not without leaving a big question mark. The end of the series might have seen the Survey Corps die.

Survey Corps was one of the main groups of warriors Eren led to attack the Beast Titan. Eventually, the Survey Corps came across a female titan in the form of a hulking humanoid. She tricked the soldiers into thinking she was one of them. They then fought the Beast Titan in Shiganshina.

Survey Corps members were vehemently against Eren's actions. But Eren is no longer kid. He has become a leader, and he is killing humanity. So he has to do something.

It's been an interesting journey, and I'm hoping that Attack on Titan ends well. While the ending isn't the saddest or most shocking part of the series, there's no denying that it's a great story. There are also some big plot holes and a plethora of other issues to deal with.

For starters, why did the Survey Corps go into battle? Well, it seems to be to try and stop Eren's attack on the world. But it may have ended up being an excuse to kill them all.

Paradis survives indefinitely

Paradis is an island in the middle of the ocean and is the home of the Eldians. It's a militarized nation that still fears outsiders.

The Eldians are descendants of the Nine Titans. Their descendants include Eren, who is a member of the Survey Corps. He also is an aspiring Marley warrior, and is known as a hero by the Eldians.

There are three walls in Paradis. One is dedicated to Founder Ymir, another to a warrior candidate named Marcel, and the third to a child named Levi. This last one is a big deal to the Eldians.

During the first season of the show, Eren and the Survey Corps discovered three books that contain information on the history of the Titans. They also found a small tree that resembled Founder Ymir's tree.

The MAPPA series delivers a good amount of 2D action sequences. However, there's no escaping the fact that the end of the manga was a divisive affair.

There are many questions left to be answered. For example, will Eren be a villain or a hero? What happens to the rest of the world when he tries to use his newfound powers to kill everyone? And will Paradis survive?

Zeke "lives"

In the Attack on Titan Anime Original Ending, Zeke Yeager shows some signs of sentience. He is in chains and a tad old. His head is on his hand.

He claims he is rescuing Eren from Grisha's brainwashing, but his words are not clear. Zeke also reveals that he has been in Paths for years. This is surprising, as it's possible he has switched sides.

While Eren agrees to Zeke's plan to kill Eldians, he isn't entirely sure what he's putting himself into. He will meet with his allies in the Shiganshina District to fulfill his ambitious plan.

Mikasa, who is Eren's adopted sister, has doubts about the former's motives. She also questions why she answered her family's request.

Floch, meanwhile, threatens Commandant Keith Shadis and the Shiganshina military cadets. But he's been injured protecting Gabi.

Meanwhile, Eren is battling a trio of Titans alone. Colt rushes to him. He's armed with an anti-Titan rifle.

In addition, the Survey Corps, led by Mikasa, are helping Eren. They are planning to round up several Titans to stop him. At the same time, they want to reform the military with Eren as their leader.

Eren's supporters are worried that the Eldians will be wiped out. He plans to lead an offensive against Paradis in the last year of his life.

The Eldian Empire returns

The Attack on Titan: Anime Original Ending reveals that the Eldian Empire has returned. It also confirms that Eren Yeager would have become the new head of the Empire, after his Rumbling. However, the Anime Original Ending does not tell whether Eren would succeed or not. Instead, it could end with the Empire being destroyed or even enslaved.

This is a very divisive ending. Some people have praised it, while others are adamantly against it. But the studio has to find a safe route to profit. For them, a spin-off movie that deals with a multi-verse of Attack on Titan stories is the way to go.

One of the most divisive moments in the Attack on Titan finale is the ending sequence. It ends with the world devastated, and 80% of the population wiped out. Moreover, it was a very anti-climactic conclusion.

Another divisive moment is Eren's death. While he's not a villain, he was a character who did what he was supposed to do in order to achieve superficial peace. He tries to convince his friends to stop him. Eventually, he kills himself under a sword.

Meanwhile, the Survey Corps is preparing to meet with the Eldian leaders. They have already rounded up several Survey Corps members and have questioned them about Eren's recent actions.

Original "you're free" panel is animated

In the last manga chapter of the Attack on Titan series, the end result is not what fans expected. Instead of Eren completing The Rumbling and destroying Paradis, the series has taken a divisive turn.

The final chapter was universally panned. It was criticized for being incongruous with the rest of the manga. While the panel itself was in a similar style to the rest of the story, the context was not in line with what fans had been teased.

However, the panel has been the subject of intense speculation among fans. Some argue that it is the message of freedom that Eren Jaeger is trying to deliver. Others believe that it shows the older Eren Jaeger with his child.

But there are also other fans who think that it simply shows a collection of unrelated characters. They are also concerned that the panel may be a blatant ripoff of Code Geass.

There is a lot more to the story of the Attack on Titan series. And now that it's going to be an anime, there's a good chance that it will go through the end of the original manga series. So far, Isayama hasn't revealed how many pages he's written in the manga, but he's told that he's about 60% done.

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