At what times does Captain Luffy assert his position over his crew? And when does his crew explicitly show that they respect him?

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October 21, 2021 7:00 PM

The first occasion when I recall it happening was the point at which they went to save Nami from Arlong and destroyed Arlong Park. Zoro, Sanji, and Ussop followed Captain Luffy, there without any inquiries posed to knowing the extent of the circumstance. Nami needed Luffy to leave and he can’t.

After the Arlong circular segment, whenever that I recall re-championing himself as captain was during the Water 7 bend when he was at chances with Usopp about Merry. He got partially through telling Usopp “If you don’t care for they way I/we (can’t recollect) get things done, at that point simply leave!”

Normally Nami or Chopper or somebody does whatever it takes not to battle among one another, but rather that specific time it didn’t work. Captain Luffy, remained by his ward and acknowledged Usopp’s demand for his group and their future going ahead. Different occasions, Luffy advocating for himself as Captain was the point at which he revealed to Sanji that he wasn’t leaving Whole Cake Island until he returned, and when he disclosed this to Jinbe that he was his commander now and to come to Wano alive.

They show unwaveringness to Luffy because they realize that he’ll do battle for the good of them and he saved their lives.

Zoro: Captain Luffy, got his blades back and saves him from being executed and re-establishes trust in Zoro’s fantasy.

Ussop: Saved him and Kaya from Kuro and the Black Cat pirates and permitted Ussop to join to satisfy his fantasy about being a brave son of the Sea.

Sanji: Saved Sanji and the Baratie from Krieg’s anger after Sanji took discipline from Pearl and Gin. He later saved Sanji again at Whole Cake Island. Sanji’s fantasy is to locate the All Blue and the lone way he was going to do it was to head out. Joining Luffy was a decent path for Sanji to discover it.

Nami: Captain Luffy, saved her life twice: once from Arlong and discovered her a specialist when she had a terrible temperature. Nami needs to draw a guide of the world and what better approach to do as such by going to different islands around the globe heading out with Luffy.

Chopper: Captain Luffy, shielded the château from Wapol and acknowledged Chopper for what his identity was. Chopper’s fantasy is to fix all illnesses, and the solitary way he could do so was by leaving and seeing the world with those he could trust and wouldn’t think he was an oddity.

Nico Robin: Luffy saved her life when Alabasta’s underground was collapsing Luffy afterwards, and the others held her from the World Government. Luffy proclaimed battle on the World Government and reestablished her will to live once more. Robin in a real sense has nobody else to depend on since she had been on the run for a very long time and couldn’t confide in anybody not to sell her out as a result of her abundance.

Luffy won’t relinquish her and seeing as Robin needs to gain proficiency with the genuine history of the world, going with Luffy will lead her the correct way.

Franky: Well, Robin constrained him. However, Luffy saved him from the anger of CP9 and supported in getting Iceberg help in the wake of being shot. Franky’s fantasy is to assemble a boat that will have the option to venture to every part of the Grand Line like his tutor Tom had the opportunity to do when he constructed Gol D. Roger’s Oro Jackson transport. Building the Thousand Sunny for the Straw Hats was a 2 for 1.

Brook: Luffy saved him and everybody on Thriller Bark with a taken shadow from death by crushing Moria. Brook had recharged confidence that some time or another he would discover Laboon again and Luffy, at last, got the artist that he needed.

Jinbe: He and Jinbe observed each other’s backs from Impel Down all through Marineford right to Fishman Island. Jinbe knew there was significance inside Luffy and that Luffy would be a significant piece in carrying harmony to the world, especially settling the ill will among Fishmen and people.

When both the fishmen pirates and strawhat pirates were looking to escape from Big Mom territory, Jinhe decided to stay back and stall the Big Mom pirates from going after Luffy to help them escape. Luffy commanded Jinbe that he want hin come back alive in Wani, and guess what Jinbe is back with bang!

They all realize that Captain Luffy, will go through the wringer for them and assist them with accomplishing their life objectives all the while.

In Arabasta, Zoro said this to the recently joined Chopper: “Collaboration in this teams doesn’t mean to cooperate, yet to put forth a valiant effort at your work, at that point let others put forth a valiant effort at theirs”.

It applied here, in that Captain Luffy, take care of the responsibilities that others can’t. This may mean his tremendous force, yet considerably more significantly his never-ending conviction of “companionship” above everything, saving his mates regardless of how sad the circumstance is, or when they, at the end of the day, had surrendered and prohibited him from doing as such (Nami in Arlong Arc; Robin in Enies Lobby; Sanji in Whole Cake Island, and so on) That is the stuff a well understanding captain can do for his crew.

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What’s more, concerning his team regard to him, since they now and then joke with him doesn’t mean they don’t regard him. Some may erroneously believe that regard just methods dread (like Kaidou’s or Big Mom’s subordinates), which isn’t right.

The best instances of their regard would be in those two years of the preparation time frame, where a man like Zoro is asking Mihawk to show him (he could never bring down himself like that). Or then again Sanji experienced an individual hellfire (recall, his fantasy is cooking-related-locate All-Blue-Sea stuff?

He didn’t require these new battling abilities, it’s everything to help Luffy). Or then again that the alleged “weakling” ones like Usopp or Nami (comedic scenes aside) who presently indicated they would promptly believe Luffy’s activities and choices.

And the thing Luffy believes in the strength of his crew and no matter what happens, he doesn’t let that happen. And he also know how much his crew is capable of or how not. Mainly, with Zoro he knows how strong his mate is!

Lastly, after the Samurai-Minks-Ninja alliance, the retainers of Oden went on to take Kaido’s head, Luffy and the Co were about to have a drink, but Luffy Calmly put the mug down, one look at the crew and they understood what their captain want from them.

Luffy proclaimed that they’ll have a big banquet after they free Wano from the claw’s of Kaido’s.


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