Asta New Power-Up: Can Asta Defeat Lucifero with his New Form?

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March 21, 2022 7:00 PM

Black Clover has completely flaunted Asta New Power-Up. The manga showcased how Asta can manage the force of his new Devil Union mode with the fresh part of the series!Featured Image: Kirito_Ku_16 ARTThe Spade Kingdom Raid Arc of Yuki Tabata's unique manga series has arrived at the peak of the battle against the Supreme Devil, Lucifero, and Asta, and the others are basically out of choices now. None of their label group assaults or endeavours appears to cause any harm.However, things began to take a turn for the confident as Asta and Liebe seemed to be arriving at another level of their Devil Union mode.

Asta New Power-Up

The last chapter took their Devil Union to a higher level as the battle against Lucifero caused them to feel sadder than any time in recent memory.Through this harmony, Asta finds out about the weighty past that Liebe had been carrying on his shoulders, with it still up in the air than before to bring down the base of these issues.This had prompted another form of the Devil Union that opened a baffling fifth horn growing from Asta's temple, and the most current section affirms that he has gotten a massive enhancer because of this little change.Chapter 327 of Black Clover gets just after Asta and Liebe actuate this new form of the Devil Union. From how Asta depicts it, it's like he and Liebe's sentiments had converted into a solitary sort of being.This has given him such an excess of force that he's ready to get over one of Lucifero's punches to his face and can undoubtedly bat Satan away.Lucifero affirms that Asta's Devil Union is taking all of the magic from the area, making Lucifero's assaults on him essentially insignificant. He's ready to free Yami and Licht because of this new power.Asta kicks Lucifero in the face and dispatches him forward, making it one stride further. Sadly, it's prodded before the finish of the chapter that this adaptation of the Devil Union can end any second, so Asta will have to make a completing blow as conceivable to win here.On the off chance that he, some way or another, doesn't, it's difficult to envision what anybody can do after such a final desperate attempt could fizzle.


The Battle is On

I was expecting a significant power-up, but this is a bit excessive. Not only is Asta now apparently immune to Lucifero's magic and unfazed by his punches, but also physically more robust than the devil king.The latter could defeat almost a dozen captain level opponents with just his bare hands. It's even more absurd if Asta manages to finish the fight in the 5 seconds he has left. That's less like a fight and more like a one-sided beatdown.It almost seems like the gap between the two has flipped. At first, Lucifero could grab Asta's sword mid-swing, but now Asta is the one holding Lucifero's arm mid-punch.This dynamic reminds me of how Aizen stopped Ichigo's sword with his hand in the Fake Karakura Town and how Ichigo eventually returned the favour when facing Aizen's butterfly form.The difference was that there was a pretty significant training session between those two instances and involved Ichigo sacrificing his powers.It wasn't just a friendship powerup that happened in an instant. This seems questionable development, and I'm curious to see where Tabata is going with this.


I've seen Asta New Power-Up of Union 2.0 compared to Saint Stage, where the synchronization between partners has reached 100%, hence the sudden drastic power boost.However, the saint stage makes it so that a mage can harm devils without needing arcane abilities, and if Asta was already capable of this before reaching maximum synch, then it makes sense the drastic jump or as much sense as we can find.An additional note is that this isn't quite the asspull it may appear to be at first, as Nacht hinted at a complete union when Asta and Liebe saved him.Also, Asta is probably naturally stronger than Luci. Now he doesn't have to deal with his magic, lol.

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