All known bounties of the members of worst generation

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December 6, 2020 6:00 PM

"All known bounties of the members of worst generation The worst generation or Saiaku no Sedai is regarded as the generation that came into the existence during the change of the Era. The old era got ended after the death of Whitebeard at Marineford by the hands of Blackbeard and then the member of the eleven supernovas who were present at Sabaody Archipelago, along with Blackbeard became the flag-bearers of the new Era. The members of this generation are quite formidable and some of them are heinous, famous and have openly declared war against the world government and in return have earned the wrath of World government in form of bounties. The total bounties of the worst generation before time skip had been calculated to 2,135,000,000 belies but after the time skip it saw a rapid rise in overall bounty which stands to 4,430,000,000 belies. Jeez! That’s some huge figures to look at. Let’s begin our countdown and list down all the known current bounties.

  1. “Blackbeard†Marshall .D. Teach- Yami-Yami-no-Mi and Gura-Gura-no-Mi He is the pirate captain of Blackbeard Pirates and is also one of the four Yonko of the sea. His bounty is 2,247,600,000 Belly.
  1. “Strawhat†Monkey .D. Luffy – Gomu-Gomu-no-Mi

The captain of Strawhat pirates and the most reckless, lunatic and insane member of this generation, he is the one who has openly opposed World government and is the only one in the history to successfully invade three law Islands which are under direct control of Navy HQ. His latest heroics at Whole Cake Island in Big Mom territory has earned him the epithet of “ The Fifth Emperor of the Sea†while navy rewarded him with a massive bounty of 1,500,000,000 belies bounty for his exploits, and this is also the highest among the worst generation.

  1. “Death Surgeon†Trafalgar .D. Water Law – Ope-Ope-no-Mi

He is the pirate captain of heart pirates and has a bounty of 500,000,000 belies after he allied with Luffy, gave up his title of shichibukai and successfully took down another warlord, Doflamingo thus causing a lot of chaos. Right now he’s in Wano kingdom and conspiring alongside Luffy to take down Kaido. With 2nd rank in bounties of the members of worst generation

  1. Eustass Kid- Magnetic properties

The kid is the pirate captain of Kid pirates and has an overall bounty of 470,000,000 belies. Two years ago he had the highest bounty among the supernovas but relatively has fallen to the third spot. Currently, he’s imprisoned by Kaido and his alliance alongside his crew had betrayed him.

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  1. “Roar of the Sea†Scratchmen Apoo – Soundwave

The captain of On-Air pirates, Apoo currently serves as a headliner among the ranks of Kaido army. Previously he joined hands with Kid and Hawkins to take down Shanks but profoundly their base got invaded by Kaido and he ultimately joined hands with the beast. His current bounty is 350,000,000 belies which were introduced in Punk Hazard Arc.

  1. “Magician†Basil Hawkins – Wara- Wara- no-Mi

Basil Hawkins was introduced in the series as a mage, a person with the expertise of voodoo and predictions through the card. His power transforms him into straw giving him the power of the component. After Kaido took him down, he now serves under him as one of its headliners. He has a total bounty of 320,000,000 belies.

  1. “Pirate Hunter†Roronoa Zoro – Three-Sword-Style

Zoro is a member of Strawhat pirates, a second mate to be more precise. After witnessing his exploits and tremendous feat at Dressrosa, when he took down Pica real easy he got a tremendous boost in his bounty of 200 million and got placed higher up in the ranks. Alongside killer, they are the only member with no devil fruit ability. His current bounty is 320,000,000 belies same as Hawkins and right now he’s too in Wano along with his captain.

  1. “Gang†Capone Bege- Shiro-Shiro-no-Mi

Pirate captain of Tank pirates and the former ally of Luffy, he also took shelter under Big Mom only to rebel and plot an assassination. But ultimately this stratagem was foiled and he had to flee from Whole Cake Island itself. He has a bounty of 300,000,000 million and his current whereabouts are still unknown.

  1. “Red Flag†X-Drake – Zoan devil Fruit Power changes into an ancient, T-Rex

He was a former Rear Admiral of Navy but soon parted his ways and become the captain of Drake pirates. He marched into Kaido territory and become his headliner. His total bounty is 222,000,000 belies and is quite a formidable member of the worst generation.

  1. “Massacre Soldier†Killer – Rotating Sickle Gauntlet

He is a second in command of Kid pirate and one of the members of supernova, with a bounty of 200,000,000 belies. His current whereabouts are missing and are only known this far that he betrayed kid and has joined Kaido army.

  1. “Big Eater†Jewelry Bonney- paramecia ability to control age

Her current status is missing and has been shown once when she was giving her reaction to Luffy and Law alliance who took out Doflamingo. Before time skip, her pirate crew was destroyed by Blackbeard and she got captured by Akainu. It’s still unknown how she managed to escape from the navy. Her current bounty is 140,000,000 belies.

  1. “Mad Monkâ Urogue- paramecia devil fruit power of strength

He is the captain of the fallen monk pirates and has a bounty of 108,000,000 belies which is currently known. His current status is also missing. Thus, claiming the last spot in bounties of the members of worst generation.

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