Where to Pick Up Oshi No Ko Manga After Season 1 of the Anime Is Over

The first place to check out Oshi No Ko manga is Shueisha’s MangaPlus website, where chapters are available online for free. Chapter 41, which contains the end of the Tokyo Blade arc and also the beginning of the 2.5D Stage Play arc, is a good place to start.

Austin Vincent
July 5, 2023 12:27 PM

One of the breakout hits of spring 2023, Oshi no Ko’s first season wowed audiences with its spectacular feature-length pilot and an epic twist that felt like it would be impossible to top. But the show was far from a one-off, instead deftly subverting expectations with a deep, Seinen exploration of the Japanese entertainment industry and painting surprisingly detailed pictures of complex characters along the way. As such, many fans may be wondering where to pick up Oshi No Ko manga after season 1 of the anime is over.

In addition to this, anime fans may also choose to watch Oshi No Ko again on Netflix Asia, HIDIVE, Ani-One Asia, or other streaming services that are available in their region. This way, they can rewatch the entire season while simultaneously enjoying the manga version of Oshi No Ko as it was originally written.

As the story of Oshi no Ko continues, the drama and mysteries will only continue to get more intense. For this reason, it’s important for viewers to keep in mind where the anime ends and how to move forward with reading the manga series, which is still ongoing as of 2020.

For those who are interested in the story of a reincarnated idol, we recommend checking out the Oshi no Ko manga. The manga series is currently running at 12 volumes and has been adapted into a popular anime, which first premiered in April 2023.

The main arc of the manga revolves around the reincarnated idol Ai Hoshino and her twin sons Aqua and Ruby. The story follows Aqua’s quest for revenge and Ruby’s rise as an idol, both inheriting their past life memories and meeting captivating characters along the way.

Aside from the main arc, Oshi no Ko also has numerous side stories and a number of one-shots that can help viewers dive deeper into the world of the twin idols. Moreover, the manga’s second volume has several chapters that are entirely unrelated to the main story arc and can be read at any time.

While Oshi no Ko has yet to receive a formal announcement for a possible second season, the show’s first season was so popular that it was almost inevitable that the story would be renewed in some form. The upcoming 2024 season may see the return of many of Oshi no Ko’s cast, including a reincarnated princess and an up-and-coming acting genius. Until then, viewers will be waiting in suspense as they wait for the next chapter of this enthralling drama.

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