Spy X Family Chapter Characters That Are Psychic and Intelligent

Spy x Family is a fun and entertaining manga series that's packed with adorable characters. But it also has an interesting overarching storyline that focuses on the main characters' hidden identities.

April 3, 2023 1:49 PM

In the latest chapter of Spy X Family, a hint is revealed about how Sylvia lost her husband and daughter. This is a significant development for the series, as it has been eloquently explained throughout the story that Peace requires sacrifice.

Twilight, alias Loid Forger, enacts his plan to recruit a fake wife and child to get closer to the leader of Ostania. He assumes the identity of a psychiatrist and adopts an orphan girl named Anya as his daughter. They also adopt a dog with precognitive abilities.


Spy X Family has been one of the top-rated animes this season. Its unique premise and quirky characters have been a draw for many fans.

Aside from a great plot and amusing antics, the series has been built with character development in mind. The main characters are a misfit group, but each one has their own distinct personality.

Sylvia, for example, is an extremely competent spy who carries out her missions with ease. However, her work often takes a toll on her body. This leads her to have a soft spot for Anya, who reminds her of her daughter Aaron.


Loid is an espionage agent who specializes in changing identities with the snap of a finger. He is assigned the secret mission Operation Strix where he has to create a fake family in order to get close to his target, Donovan Desmond.

However, he does not only excel in spy work but is also an expert Hand-To-Hand fighter. He even holds his own against Yor, who is one of the strongest men in the Westalis army, in a fight!

When Bond brings Anya to a park for a mutual cover, she finds herself in the company of Sylvia, a WISE agent. There, she passes on the news that some of the operatives from Project Apple have resurfaced.


Anya and Bond share a connection from the past. They met when Anya was undercover at a dog show, and Bond quickly grew on her because of his heroics.

The two have a deep friendship, and Anya uses her telepathy to communicate with Bond, who has precognitive abilities. Through teamwork, Anya averted a dangerous future that would have resulted in Loid's death and the outbreak of civil war.

Anya's rescuer, Bond, was subject to horrible experiments during Project Apple that nearly killed him. Luckily, Yor was willing to take him in and adopt him as their family pet. He's now a perfect fit for the Forger family, and it's wonderful to see his newfound happiness! Plus, he has a cool name -- after Anya's favorite cartoon hero Bondman.


Anya is a girl who has telepathic powers. She was an experiment run by an unknown organization. She was given the code name "Test 007" and was scolded for her abilities.

Her adoption by Loid Forger and Yor Forger helped her overcome a miserable orphanage. Anya loves her adoptive parents a lot and tries to take care of them in the best way she can.

She also likes going with Loid and seeing his spy work up close. However, after the event of chapter 1 she realized the harsh reality and stopped interfering with his espionage.

Anya has a lovable personality and a cute physical appearance. She's also very energetic and has random antics that make her a great character to watch.

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