Sakamoto Days chapter 142: Plot, Release date, what to expect, where to read, countdown, and more

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November 3, 2023 1:03 PM


Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 is scheduled to be released on Monday, November 6, 2023 in Japan. The chapter is titled "X's Intention."

The chapter begins with a color spread of Shin, Taro, and Heisuke. The title of the spread is "X's Intention," which suggests that the chapter will focus on the mysterious group X and their plans for Sakamoto and the other assassins.

The chapter then cuts to Mafuyu and Toramaru, who are now under the control of Slur. Slur has implanted grain-sized bombs in their bodies, which he can detonate at will. Slur uses Mafuyu and Toramaru to attack Shin and the other assassins, but they are able to escape.

Meanwhile, Sakamoto and Heisuke are investigating the bombing of the museum. They discover that the bomb was planted many days before the event, which suggests that it was not meant to kill Asaki. Sakamoto and Heisuke deduce that the real target of the bombing was Sakamoto himself.

Sakamoto and Heisuke confront Slur about the bombing. Slur confirms that he was the one who planted the bomb, and that his intention was to kill Sakamoto. Slur reveals that he is working for X, and that X's goal is to eliminate all of the assassins in the world.

Sakamoto and Heisuke engage in a fierce battle with Slur. Slur is a powerful assassin, but Sakamoto and Heisuke are able to defeat him. After the battle, Sakamoto and Heisuke rescue Mafuyu and Toramaru.

At the end of the chapter, it is revealed that X is planning to launch a coordinated attack on all of the assassin organizations in the world. Sakamoto and the other assassins must now prepare for the coming battle.

What to expect in Sakamoto Days Chapter 142

Based on the summary and title of the chapter, it is likely that Chapter 142 will focus on the following:

  • The group X and their plans for Sakamoto and the other assassins.
  • The relationship between Slur and X.
  • The upcoming battle between the assassins and X.

Additionally, the chapter may also reveal more information about Sakamoto's past and why X is targeting him.

Where to read Sakamoto Days Chapter 142

Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 can be read on the following platforms:

  • Viz Media's official website
  • Shueisha's MANGAPlus service
  • The Shonen Jump+ app

Countdown to Sakamoto Days Chapter 142

As of November 3, 2023, there are 3 days until the release of Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 in Japan.

Additional information

Sakamoto Days is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuto Suzuki. The series has been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since October 2020, with its chapters collected into ten tankōbon volumes as of September 2023.

Sakamoto Days follows the story of Tarō Sakamoto, a former assassin who has retired to open a convenience store. However, Sakamoto is still targeted by other assassins, and he must use his skills to protect himself and his loved ones.

Sakamoto Days has been praised for its unique setting, its memorable characters, and its exciting action sequences. The series has also been nominated for several awards, including the Shōgakukan Manga Award and the Kodansha Manga Award.


Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 is shaping up to be an important chapter in the series. The chapter is likely to reveal more information about the group X, their plans for Sakamoto, and the upcoming battle between the assassins and X. Fans of the series should definitely check out Chapter 142 when it is released on November 6, 2023.

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