One Piece Episode 1061 - Sanji Vs Queen, Wano Arc Reaches Climax

One Piece episode 1061 promises to be one of the series’ best episodes. Akihiro Ota has taken over animation duties for this episode and fans are ecstatic to see him work his magic. There’s also a lot of hype around the episode as it marks the climax of the Wano Arc.

Austin Vincent
May 7, 2023 12:15 PM

One Piece episode 1061 is expected to be a great one. It will cover Sanji vs Queen which is going to be the climax of the Wano Arc. Akihiro Ota is animating it and fans are in for a treat.

Queen tries to capture Sanji using Brachiosnakeus, an attack that aims to strangle him and break his bones and internal organs. He dodges her attacks and uses Diable Jambe Bien Cuit Grill Shot.

Sanji’s Raid Suit

During the fight, Sanji destroys his Raid Suit to show Queen that he’ll never become a cold monster like Germa 66. He then moves at his maximum speed, turning invisible to Queen’s eyes. This is all thanks to his Raid Suit’s Stealthblack ability.

However, Queen knows that this move is not without risk. She uses her Brachiosnakeus technique to capture Sanji and strangle him. Her attack breaks all the bones in his trunk and could kill him if not for his Vinsmoke genes. But when he combines his Exoskeleton with Armament Haki, Sanji gains a new level of power and unleashes Ifrit Jambe: Collier Coup and Ifrit Jambe: Boeuf Burst.

Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe

During the fight with Queen, Sanji reveals new abilities as she uses her cyborg body to attack him. Her attacks make him remember Germa and he responds with high-speed movements that can’t be seen. Queen also reveals that she can turn invisible which makes her seem even more like the worst kind of person.

Eventually, Some intervenes and distracts Queen. This allows Sanji to activate his Ifrit Jambe. This is a stronger version of his Diable Jambe that boosts his speed and the kicks he delivers.

The upcoming One Piece episode is titled “The Strike of an Ifrit!” and it will be aired on May 7. It will feature the fight between Sanji and Queen, the All-Star Pirate. The episode is directed by Ryota Nakamura with Tu Yong-ce and Shigefumi Aragaki as the animation supervisors. It is written by Shinji Sotokuno and Nagisa Nishida. It will be available to watch on Crunchyroll. It will return on June 4 with a special episode that features Zoro fighting King.

Zoro Faces King

Last time on One Piece, Zoro faced off against his rival King in an intense battle that explored his past and forced him to confront his own limitations. Now, this fierce battle continues in episode 1061, and fans should expect another beautifully animated fight between these two characters.

Despite displaying his peak strength in Ifrit Jambe, Sanji struggled to defeat Queen. The chef needed many hits before finally putting her down, and he lost some of his energy in the process.

Fortunately, he was able to recover and activate Boef Burst, which sent a powerful flaming kick into Queen’s stomach. This knocked her out of the Skull Dome and off of Onigashima. As she regains consciousness, Queen recalls the encounter with Some and lashes out at him in anger.

The upcoming One Piece episode is sure to be a memorable one. After the intense showdown between Zoro and King, fans are looking forward to seeing another fierce fight in this episode.

The 1061st episode of the anime will feature the climactic battle between Queen and Sanji. The third strongest member of a Yonko crew, Queen is capable of using his Brachiosnakeus attack to break all the bones in Sanji’s trunk. But the First-Rate Cook’s Vinsmoke genes kicked in at the perfect moment, enabling him to use his Raid Suit’s genetic enhancements and defeat Queen.

Infuriated by Queen’s actions, Sanji unleashed Ifrit Jambe, a more powerful version of Diable Jambe that turns the flames into hotter, blue flames and adds weight to his attacks. He then used a combo called Boeuf Burst to pummel Queen.

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