One Piece Chapter 1087 Hints and Spoilers: Garp Vs Blackbeard Pirates

Fans are anxious to see what will happen in One Piece 1087, which is expected to resume the story from the Egghead Incident. Kizaru’s Fleet is en route to Egghead Island, and the chapter could feature a Buster Call with an armada of Navy battleships, a force ten times greater than any previous buster call.

Jenny Tapia
July 10, 2023 1:19 PM

After a month-long hiatus, One Piece is ready to return with Chapter 1087. The first chapter hints at some significant developments. The narrator introduces the remaining Five Elders, each of whom are called Warrior Gods. Ivankov speculates that Imu possesses immortality due to Law's Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit.

The latest chapter of One Piece ended with a major revelation. The narrator outlined some significant names and developments, including the fact that the remaining five elders are Warrior Gods. Dragon expresses disbelief at Vegapunk’s weapon that destroyed Lulusia, a place that never suffered such destruction before. And Ivankov speculates that Imu may possess immortality thanks to Law’s Devil Fruit, Ope Ope no Mi, which once belonged to someone else.

One Piece Chapter 1087 Expected Spoilers

One Piece fans can expect a massive war to be brewing in the next chapter. The latest chapter teased a confrontation that could rival even the Paramount War. Kizaru is expected to arrive at Egghead Island in this chapter, and he should be accompanied by his fleet of 100 Navy battleships.

One Piece enthusiasts also hope to see more light shed on the Revolutionary Army. The previous chapter revealed that Sabo shared the truth about Reverie to Dragon and Emporio Ivankov, but shielded the rest of the members from this information.

Oda has teased an incident of monumental proportions on Egghead Island. While this event is still a day away, it promises to shake the entire One Piece world. Considering that Admiral Kizaru is coming to the island with an armada 10 times larger than any Buster Call, it seems likely that this colossal incident will be what One Piece chapter 1087 focuses on.

One Piece Chapter 1086 Precap

The last chapter of One Piece brought a lot of momentum to the story. It ended the Reverie flashback and revealed some significant information, including the names of the Five Elders, the celestial dragon Imu, and the mysterious Vivi. The chapter also included a surprise appearance by Big News Morgans and the narrator hints that he is preparing something that will shake the world.

One of the hints released by Redon is a GIF from Seinfeld showing George Costanza saying, “that’s unbelievable.” This hint could suggest that something in the upcoming chapter will be so surprising or well-written that it will shock fans and make them go crazy.

The next chapter is likely to return the action to Egghead Island, with the Straw Hat Pirates facing off against a Blackbeard Pirates ship. The climactic Egghead Incident will be a major event that could change the entire plot of the story.

The last chapter of One Piece gave readers a lot to take in and the hints for the next installment have fans excited. With a focus on Sabo, who found himself in the middle of a mixed-up trap that was meant to target Yonkou, the last chapter had a lot to offer in terms of new information and strategies.

Interestingly enough, Redon has hinted that the One Piece chapter 1087 will include something "unbelievable" in his latest social media post. This could hint at a Marine presence and possibly a Buster Call, which is a demonstration of the Marines' full strength.

The GIF also shows someone stabbing a couch, which many fans are taking to mean that something significant will happen in the upcoming chapter.

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