New Anime One Piece 1061 Preview Hypes Sanji Vs Queen

This episode will feature an intense battle between Sanji and Queen, who re-engages him in a fight that challenges his perception of Germa. It’s also going to highlight the heart that Sanji possesses.

Jenny Tapia
April 30, 2023 1:07 PM

One Piece Chapter 1061 is slated to release on Sunday, December 19th. And it’s going to be among the most exciting manga chapters in a long time.

The Strike of an Ifrit!

In Arabian mythology, Ifrit (Arabic fryt Ifrit) is the name given to a class of Jinn (Demons also known as Djinn, Djinni and Genie) that embody fire. Though they could live for thousands of years, they were not immortal, and if cut, their blood would bleed the fire running through their veins until it consumed them.

They are among the most vengeful of the tribes, and they were once violently opposed to Islam. Their main homes are in abandoned or desolate places.

Ifrit is a fire elemental aeon and can be obtained by clearing the Cloister of Trial in Kilika Temple. His unique ability is Meteor Strike, which conjures a ball of fiery rock and throws it at a single target, penetrating their Protect status.

His Overdrive is Hellfire, where he bathes the enemy party in a ball of rising flame and then throws a chunk of earth at them, causing Fire damage. He can only use this attack if his Overdrive is full, and it deals around 30,000 damage to the party.

The All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates

Among the strongest Yonko crews in One Piece, Kaido’s Beasts Pirates are known for their savagery. They have a lot of strong members, some of whom have overpowered devil fruits that can be used to boost their strength and endurance.

During the Wano Country Arc, they were able to amass an army of Zoan Devil Fruit users thanks to their alliance with Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo and scientist Caesar Clown. They also gained the allegiance of many of the Eleven Supernovas, namely X Drake, Basil Hawkins and Scratchman Apoo.

Their captain is a former Yonko who hailed himself as the World’s Strongest Creature. He allied himself with Shogun Kurozumi Orochi and helped him hunt down the remnants of Kozuki Oden’s affiliates.

The Beasts Pirates have a number of devil fruits that can boost their strength and endurance, including the Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruits Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon (Dragon Dragon Fruit, Pteranodon model) and Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus (Dragon Dragon Fruit, Brachiosaurus model). Jack, Queen, Sasaki and Tobi Roppo all possess these fruits.

Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe

The One Piece 1061 preview hypes the fight between Sanji and Queen. The cyborg’s attacks remind Sanji of Germa, but he is able to use his Ifrit Jambe technique against her.

The ifrit is a type of demon found in Islamic mythology that are typically associated with the elements of fire and smoke. They can also be identified with chthonic spirits.

In the VIZ manga and Funimation adaptations, Sanji unlocks his Ifrit Jambe as a more powerful variant of Diable Jambe. The technique turns the flames of his attacks blue, increasing their speed and weight behind them.

This technique is also the basis for the Boeuf Burst combo. The kick Sanji performs in this combo is a burning one that is aimed at the center of the opponent’s body, causing it to explode and send them flying off Onigashima.

In addition, Sanji uses Ifrit Jambe to knock out Sheepshead. He also performs an Ifrit Jambe version of Black Leg Style called Jarret (suneRou ziyare, Jare?, meaning “Shin Meat”) during the Wano Arc.

Sanji’s Stealth Black

Amongst the action in One Piece 1061, a giant mecha shark catches up with Luffy and his friends. It’s the kind of monster that would give Franky a run for his money.

Luckily, they’re saved by a strange mecha soldier who’s big enough to lift the Thousand Sunny with her bare hands. She’s a woman with a mysterious backstory. She’s named Dr. Vegapunk and she’s affiliated with the World Government.

She also happens to have a pretty cool hat that has a lot of interesting uses and functions. In addition, she’s a pretty awesome scientist in her own right!

Sanji, on the other hand, has a very different take on the Germa 66 Raid Suit. He actually thinks it’s cool, but he doesn’t want to associate his name with it. Then again, he might just need to change his mind and adopt the name Stealth Black. It may even make him feel better about himself!

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