Kaiju No. 8 Character Visual Fail To Interest Fandom

Austin Vincent
March 20, 2023 2:43 PM

Kafka Hibino has always wanted to join the Defense Force and wipe out kaiju. He’s spent a lot of time cleaning up the aftermath of their battles, and when he meets a promising 18-year-old recruit named Reno Ichikawa, it finally reminds him of his dreams.

But before he can get his dream job, the 32-year-old’s life takes a serious turn. He’s revealed to be a kaiju!

Kafka Hibino’s face

A Japanese Defense Force team battles monsters on a daily basis in the near future. Kaiju are the most common enemies they face, and they can rely on suits to magnify their powers.

Kafka Hibino is a bumbling thirty-something who long dreamed of becoming part of the Japanese Defense Force. Unfortunately, he’s been stuck with a cleanup job that involves mopping up the guts of kaiju in the aftermath of their battles.

After a kaiju worms its way into his mouth, he gains the secret ability to transform into the human-monster hybrid Kaiju No. 8. Now, he has to decide whether or not to give his lifelong dream one last try.

In the latest episode, the upcoming series’ official Twitter account revealed the first look at Kaiju No. 8’s human hero. His character design isn’t too bad, but his face looks incredibly wrong and disproportioned. Fans are obviously not happy with this, and it seems like a lot of them are asking Production I.G to fix this.

His arms

Naoya Matsumoto delivers some pretty impressive character work on Kafka Hibino even when he gets practically no panel time. He still manages to show a kind heart, and he’s able to make a good point with his words.

He reassures Hoshina that Kafka is not a monster, and that he doesn’t need to transform anymore. He also thanks him for saving the third division.

It’s interesting that he doesn’t need to transform to be human because it means that he can regenerate his organs, which is a very powerful ability for Kaiju.

It’s also clear that he has a lot of power, especially when it comes to his arms and legs. This gives him a lot of potential for being a truly powerful Kaiju, and it could be interesting to see what sort of powers he has when he finally does turn into his monster form. It would be pretty cool to see how he would fight against a Kaiju like No. 8, considering how powerful he is in his normal form.

His legs

While the latest kaiju manga craze sparked by Guai Swu 8Hao (the name of the series is a mouthful, but hey it’s free) has been making some major waves online and off, the production company Production I.G has had to deal with a few hiccups along the way.

The one that has fans the most baffled is the latest human-form kaiju No. 8 character visual that was posted on Twitter earlier this week. While the overall design is certainly a step up from the last time we saw this particular series on display, the lack of animation flair with the human-form is certainly a turn off for many fans.

The best part is that it is all still possible to get your hands on the series, courtesy of Jump Plus and its Shonen Jump app. If you’re a fan of action packed shonen titles, you should definitely give this series a look. As the title suggests, it tells the tale of an elite group of members of the Japan Defense Force who have to fend off a plethora of grotesque creatures with their wits and manpower.

His hands

Kafka Hibino has a strong sense of heart. This is what sets him apart from many of his contemporary shonen counterparts, and it’s the kind of quality that Matsumoto continues to build into Kaiju No. 8, making him a compelling character for readers to root for.

This is a series that mixes military action and monster fights with a grounded self improvement narrative, all while keeping up with a steady pace and clear point of view. It’s a series that will keep fans of the genre coming back for more.

This is the perfect synthesis of what manga readers are looking for, and it comes from an author who is a master at this genre. It’s also a series that has a lot of potential for future development. It’s the kind of series that could easily make a name for itself in the anime industry, and it’s one that’s worth your time if you enjoy high-octane action.

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