Hell's Paradise Episode 6: Gabimaru and Sagiri Face a New Foe

MAPPA’s Hell's Paradise will continue to thrill fans this week as the upcoming episode 6 goes live. This episode will focus on Gabimaru and Sagiri, who will fight to survive in the face of a new enemy.

Jenny Tapia
May 7, 2023 12:21 PM

Fans loved this episode because it showed how strong Sagiri is. She is not a weak girl, as Gabimaru believes.

He tries to kill her, but she refuses to die. She also has emotions, which makes her a better swordswoman in battle. This is something that many shounen anime overlook.

The mysterious woman

In the previous episode of Hell's Paradise, the alliance members shared their discoveries on the enigmatic island. Genji tried to persuade Sagiri to leave the island but she refused because she wants to return home and be seen as a woman.

She is now ready to fight to protect her loved ones and reclaim her dignity. While she is fighting she finds herself unable to deliver the killing blow to her foe, and realizes that she must embrace emotions in order to become a true warrior. She will use her love for her husband to fuel her strength and slay the giant ogre. This will prove that she is a true hero in the eyes of her followers.


As the group delve deeper into the island, they encounter Rokurouta who proves to be a formidable foe. His powerful attack pushed Gabimaru to the limits as he pleaded for help from his comrades. Fortunately, Sagiri emerged to defend him. Her skilled display of swordplay convinced him that she is a warrior worth taking seriously.

Despite being a novice at combat, she proved that she has the potential to be an exceptional swordswoman. She also fought against her natural hesitation to strike. Moreover, her dedication to aid her comrades in a difficult situation helped her develop as a warrior.

Genji tries to persuade her to leave the island, but she refuses. She argues that she must stay for Gabimaru’s sake. Despite her argument, Genji remains adamant about her leaving the island.

The criminals

Fans have come to like the duo of Gabimaru and Sagiri. The pair have worked together to fight off various threats in the anime. The animation studio did a good job of depicting the fire attacks of Gabimaru and the water-based attacks of Sagiri. They also did a great job of showing the contrast between the two characters.

As the group recovers from the butterfly scales poison, they discuss what they know about the island. Gabimaru says that he scouted the island and found samurai flowers but no evidence of the Elixir. Senta says they should focus on the statues while Genji encourages Sagiri to return home, believing she is too weak for the mission.

While washing away the monsters’ blood, Tenza discovers that Nurugai is a young woman. She tries to convince Sagiri to stay, but she refuses to listen to her. She then reaffirms her desire to become a samurai against Genji’s instance that she should be a wife and mother.


The last episode gave viewers a lot to ponder concerning Shinsenkyo and the behemoths that inhabit it. But this week, the cast gets to take a bit of a breather as they focus on one character in particular.

Genji tells Sagiri to leave the island, but she refuses and reaffirms her commitment to carrying out her duties as a samurai. She claims to understand herself less than she thinks, but she is determined to stay and continue her work.

Despite her stubborn resolve, Sagiri remains respectful and patient in her interactions with Genji. She even bows before him to show her sincerity, but Genji isn’t the type to be moved by honesty or sincerity – especially from a female solider. He sneers at her and nearly strikes her, but she manages to escape his attack. He then reflects on his time with her, saying she was the first person to accept him for who he was and not just her beauty.

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